What are the effects and functions of agarwood tea

We should be familiar with tea. Nowadays, both young and middle-aged and old people prefer to drink tea. Drinking tea is also a culture of our country. The fragrance of tea can calm our minds down slowly. There are also types of tea. There are many. I don’t know if you have ever heard of agarwood tea. So what are the effects and functions of agarwood tea? I believe that everyone is not particularly familiar with this problem. Next, let’s take a specific understanding. Take a moment.

What are the effects and functions of agarwood tea

Agarwood is spicy and warm, warm but not dry. Therefore, it is very effective to treat abdominal distension and pain and fall and flutter injury.

The quality of agarwood mainly descends, and the fragrance rises and disperses. Enter the spleen and stomach meridian, harmonize the stomach qi, raise the spleen, warm in nature but not dry, good deeds but not venting. In the reverse tune, good deeds do not let go. In Jiangni Tiao, it is good at treating spleen and stomach deficiency and cold, ascending and descending disorders, vomiting and constipation.

Insomniac, it is common for the heart and kidney to fail to reciprocate, mostly due to fatigue and internal injury, lack of kidney yin in the lower part, unable to relieve the heart from the upper part, and the heart-fire is only hyperactive in the upper part, and cannot be handed down to the kidney. Heart and kidney cannot be caused by water and fire. Its symptoms are difficult to fall asleep, or even sleepless at night, dizziness, tinnitus, hot flashes and night sweats, five upset and hot, forgetfulness and dreaminess, soreness in the waist and knees, nocturnal emission, red tongue and little moss, pulse breakdown. Agarwood is heavy and descends, spicy incense rises, and both rises and falls. It communicates with the heart and kidneys and helps water and fire, so it is the main treatment. “New Compilation of Materia Medica” says: “Agarwood, warming the kidneys and improving the heart, if you use Coptis and Cinnamon to treat the heart and kidneys, it is easier to use agarwood, one medicine but two purposes. It’s a good idea to use one of the money, you don’t need water milling, and the slices are at the end. It can be used in the heart and kidney tonic.”

Agarwood sinks, it has the function of absorbing qi and returning to the origin. It is commonly used to treat kidney deficiency and coughing. It is often not returned to the origin for a long time. Cold limbs, blue face, purple lips, pale tongue, weak pulse. Agarwood is warm but not dry, does not vent, reaches the kidneys and leads the fire to return to the origin.

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