Is taking dwarf tea fruit poisonous?

Looking at the name, you know that it can’t be too tall. If you look at it again, it’s true; but its fruit is quite pleasing. The effect of using this small fruit to make earrings must be different; it’s a lowland tea, yes. Herbal medicine from the south. In Jiangsu, it is given a down-to-earth name “Thousand Years Isn’t Big”. Its stems and leaves are often used as a tonic, and have hemostatic effects to treat tuberculosis, cough and hemoptysis; this is it The stems and leaves, then, do you know how effective its fruits are? Are the dwarf tea fruits poisonous? Let’s take a look.

Is taking dwarf tea fruit poisonous?

The whole plant is 21.5~25 cm long. It is often accompanied by creeping rhizomes. The stem is cylindrical or slightly flat, with a diameter of 2 to 5 mm. The surface is dark reddish-brown, with fine longitudinal lines and protruding leaf marks. The base is sparsely whisker-like adventitious roots; sometimes pedicels or dark red shrunken spherical small fruits can be seen at the top. The texture is brittle and easy to break, the section is dark reddish-brown, with white marrow in the center. Three or five leaves are often gathered on the top of the stem. The leaves are slightly curled or broken. After being flattened, they are ovoid. The surface is gray-green to brown. The tender leaves are epiphytic with glandular hairs. The edges are finely toothed and the veins are obvious. Slightly astringent.

Aidi tea is the dried whole plant of Purple Taurus plant. “Pictures of Materia Medica”, Su Song said: “Purple golden cow, born in Fuzhou, tastes pungent, leaves like tea, green on the top, purple on the bottom, solid round, red like a red vermilion, the root is slightly purple, picked in August, go to heart and dry, Quite like Morinda citrifolia”. Judging from the attached picture “Fuzhou Purple Bull” and the leaves “upper green and lower purple”, it looks like a parasol of the genus Purple Bull. The “Compendium of Materia Medica” contains that the purple golden cow has the function of “detoxification and blood-breaking”, and it looks like a red umbrella from the attached picture. “Lee’s Grass Secret” contains: “Red under the leaves, a flat tree, five or six inches long, round stem, red seeds under the leaves, and other places such as mountains”.

The whole plant and root of Ai Dicha are used for medicinal purposes. It is effective in treating tuberculosis, hemoptysis, cough, and chronic bronchitis; it also treats diseases such as bruises and rheumatism, jaundice hepatitis, orchitis, leucorrhea, amenorrhea, urinary tract infection, etc. Commonly used Chinese herbal medicines are also common flowers. It is commonly used to treat cough, blood in sputum, chronic bronchitis, damp-heat jaundice, and drop injury. Prohibited for pregnant women, fetal development is not good, pregnant women can cause bleeding and miscarriage.

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