What are the benefits of kumquat soaking in water

Everyone loves to use fruits to soak in water. In fact, this is already common in the family, and now the trend is to use lemons for soaking in water, so have everyone know about using kumquat to soak in water? Kumquat is life It is a common fruit that can not only supplement the nutrients needed by the body, but also has extremely high medicinal value. It can quench thirst and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Kumquat can not only be used directly for consumption, but also many other How to eat it; kumquat soaking in water is one of them; then what are the benefits of drinking kumquat in water?

What are the benefits of kumquat soaking in water

Kumquat soaked in water can hangover. Kumquat is rich in fruit acid and fructose, which can accelerate the metabolism of alcohol in the body. It can also be appetizing and digestion. After drinking, drinking a cup of kumquat soaking in water can effectively hangover and appetite. Soaking kumquat with warm water below 54℃ can prevent the vitamin C in the kumquat from being destroyed. People drinking kumquat at this temperature and eating kumquat can effectively supplement vitamin C and enhance the body’s resistance. prevent getting cold. Kumquat is rich in kumquat glycosides and other substances, which has the effect of regulating qi and invigorating the stomach, eliminating phlegm and relieving cough. Soak kumquat in water, and then use honey for moisturizing dryness and detoxification, which can regulate qi and relieve depression, relieve cough and resolve phlegm. Irritable lungs, dry cough, prolonged cough due to fatigue, thirst caused by alcohol, food stagnation, stomachache and other symptoms.

Kumquat can regulate qi, relieve depression, resolve phlegm, quench thirst, eliminate food, sober up alcohol, and enhance the body’s ability to resist cold, prevent colds and reduce blood lipids. People who have chest tightness and slumping, do not think about food, or eat full, drunk and thirsty people. The fruit of kumquat is rich in vitamin C, kumquat glycosides and other ingredients, which play a certain role in maintaining cardiovascular function and preventing vascular sclerosis, hypertension and other diseases. Using kumquat and codonopsis decoction instead of tea, can relieve the fetus. So pregnant women can also eat it.

The main reason for drinking kumquat in soaking water is that the kumquat fruit is rich in vitamin A, which can prevent pigmentation, increase skin luster and elasticity, slow down aging, and avoid skin sagging and wrinkles. It can also prevent civilization diseases, such as vascular disease and cancer. It can also regulate qi and relieve cough, invigorate the stomach, resolve phlegm, prevent asthma and bronchitis. Kumquat also contains vitamin P, which is an important nutrient for maintaining blood vessel health. It can strengthen the elasticity of capillaries. It can be used as an auxiliary nourishing food for hypertension, vascular sclerosis, and heart disease. Kumquat peel and pulp are eaten together. After chewing, the throat is moisturized and the mouth is full of fragrance. 80% of the vitamin C in kumquat is concentrated in the peel, up to 200 mg per 100 grams.

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