What are the effects of dwarf tea

Chinese tea has the same status as coffee from other places or juices from other countries, and even our history is even longer than them. There are many kinds of tea. Next, I will introduce Xiaodi tea. The product is a folk medicinal herb in the southern region, and the product is the dried whole plant of Purple Taurus, a plant of Purple Taurus family. It is red like red, purple roots, picked in August, desperately dried, and resembles Morinda officinalis. Judging from the attached Fuzhou Zijinniu and its leaves are green and purple, it resembles an umbrella of the genus Zijini, and dwarf tea What are the effects?

What are the effects of dwarf tea

The “Compendium of Materia Medica” contains that the purple golden cow has the function of detoxification and blood-breaking, and it looks like a red umbrella from the attached picture. “Li’s Cao Secret” contains red leaves under the leaves, a flat wood, five or six inches long, round stems, red seeds under the leaves, and mountains and other places. Judging from the height of the plant, it seems to be this product, and the leaf bottom red contained in the “Supplements to Compendium of Materia Medica” Mube is commonly called Cinnamomum camphora, also known as Yexiahong. Judging from its description, it is difficult to conclude that it is the same plant as the so-called Yexiahong in “Li Shi Cao Mi”. The fourteenth volume of “A Study of Plant Names” contains a small green growing sandy land, high and small, with small pink flowers, drooping cusps, and red fruit in winter. The common dwarf tea and the photos are consistent with the product. Small quantities are sold in farms and herbal stores.

Antitussive effect Aidi tea decoction and its extract, catechin No. 1 have obvious antitussive effects on coughs caused by electrical stimulation of cat superior laryngeal nerves and mice caused by ammonia spray, and catechin No. 1 is particularly effective , May be the main cough suppressant of Aidi Tea. Its antitussive strength is equivalent to 1/4 to 1/7 of cocaine based on the dose, and it is intolerable even if it is administered to cats continuously for 23 days. It is speculated that the site of antitussive effect is in the center, possibly in the midbrain.

Expectorant and antiasthmatic effects Aidi tea decoction has obvious expectorant effects on mice by gavage (phenol red method), and the intensity of action is equivalent to that of platycodon grandiflorum. The effect of intraperitoneal injection is stronger, but it has no effect on rabbit eye conjunctiva. Obvious irritation, indicating that its expectorant effect may be produced by absorption. The effective ingredient of expectorant may be flavonoid glycosides. Gavage with catechin No. 1 has no expectorant effect and no obvious anti-asthmatic effect (guinea pig histamine spray method). Effect on Respiration Aidi tea has the effect of reducing the oxygen consumption of rat trachea-lung tissue. Chloranthin No. 1 acts on the enzyme system containing essential sulfhydryl groups, thus reducing tissue respiration, but the effect is not strong.

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