What are the specific effects of compound dwarf tea

As the name suggests, the compound prescription is that a single prescription cannot completely solve the disease. It is a medicine that combines multiple prescriptions on the basis of pharmacology. It is a medicine with better curative effect. This product is a folk herbal medicine in the southern region and the product is a purple bull family plant. The dried whole plant of Zijinniu, and Aida tea is the whole plant of Zijinniu, a plant belonging to the family Zijinniu. In summer and autumn, the stems and leaves are harvested to remove the sand and dry. Small evergreen shrub, often creeping horizontally at the base, dark red, with slender adventitious roots. It has the effects of resolving phlegm, relieving cough, removing dampness, and promoting blood circulation. It is used for cough, blood in sputum, chronic bronchitis, damp-heat jaundice, and drop injury. Compound Aidi Tea is made into syrups, capsules, tablets, etc. in medically prepared noodles, so do you know what the specific effects of Compound Aidi Tea are?

What are the specific effects of compound dwarf tea

“The Sketch Book”: “Cure the diarrhea during the time, and remove the wind and phlegm.”

“Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Detoxify, break blood.”

“Supplements to Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Cure vomiting blood and strain, cowardice and dying, long-term coughing.”

“Li’s Cao Secret”: “To treat partial hernia, drink half a bowl of juice and wine.”

“A Textual Research on Plant Names”: “Cure swelling and poison, blood dysentery, relieving snake venom, and saving heatstroke.”

“Grass and Trees Recipe”: “Cure rheumatism and stubborn numbness, pulmonary dysfunction and chronic cough. Apply cold toxin, swelling and pain.”

“Classification of herbal properties”: “Cure vomiting blood, cough, and gas pain.”

“Modern Practical Chinese Medicine”: “It is a tonic, has hemostatic effect. Treats tuberculosis, cough, vomiting and blood; takes alcohol to treat bruises, testicular swelling and pain.”

“Commonly used Chinese herbal medicine in Shanghai”: “Invigorate blood and relieve pain, diuresis, invigorate the stomach, and stop bleeding. Treat damp-heat jaundice, hepatitis, acute nephritis, cystitis, tuberculosis, night sweats, hemoptysis, fatigue and strain, muscle aches, irregular menstruation, and paranasal sinusitis.”

Jinhua “Selection of Commonly Used Chinese Herbal Medicine Prescriptions”: “Through menstruation and invigorate blood, cool blood and detoxify. Treat tuberculosis hemoptysis, stab wound hemorrhage, unknown swelling and poison, irregular menstruation, malnutrition in children, dysentery, rectal prolapse, habitual abortion, lack of milk, Chronic nephritis, high blood pressure.”

Fufang Aidi Tea Tablet is a kind of medicine with good clinical curative effect. Because of its wide range of effects, it has a good responsiveness in the market. The compound Aidi tea tablets are sugar-coated tablets; after removing the sugar coating, they are brown and taste slightly bitter and astringent. Used for lung heat, cough and chronic bronchitis. Lung-heat cough is a symptom of coughing due to stagnation of heat in the lungs and loss of lung qi. It is more common in children and the elderly with weakened immunity. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, lung-heat cough belongs to the science of febrile disease.

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