Can tell exactly what hawthorn licorice tea is

Hawthorn licorice tea, the name sounds good, is very suitable for people to enjoy a cup of relaxation and pleasure, but is this really drunk? Of course, licorice, I seem to have heard before, licorice tablets, can control cough, and it is especially useful , Hawthorn, of course, I also know that it can be soaked and drunk, eaten directly, boiled and eaten, and canned. It is a delicious one. When I think of it, I drool. It should be good to drink, then, can you Tell me exactly what hawthorn licorice tea is?

Can tell exactly what hawthorn licorice tea is

Hawthorn has a good effect of promoting blood circulation. It can promote the elimination of garbage in the blood and speed up the body’s metabolism. To achieve slimming effect, but hawthorn can not be excessive and “breaking qi”, it needs licorice to assist, licorice has the effect of promoting body fluid, activating blood, regulating qi and replenishing qi. Hawthorn has a sweet and sour taste and mild temperament. It can digest and invigorate the stomach, promote qi and blood circulation, and lower blood pressure. “Compendium of Materia Medica” says: “Whoever has a weak spleen and abdomen and swelling and swelling and stuffiness, chew two or three after each meal, it is excellent.” Fresh hawthorn fruit and its processed food can eliminate accumulation and reduce phlegm. Detoxification, invigorating blood, refreshing, refreshing the stomach, refreshing the brain, increasing appetite, etc., have been favored by doctors throughout the ages.

Hawthorn licorice tea has no side effects. It is best to add a flavor of Chinese wolfberry, which is sweet in taste and calm in nature; it returns to the liver, kidney and lung meridian; the quality of the qi is balanced, which can rise and fall; it can nourish the kidney and improve the essence, nourish the liver and improve the eyesight, nourish the lungs and promote the body fluid; treat liver and kidney deficiency Deficiency, sore waist and knees, impotence and nocturnal emission, dizziness, blurred vision, cough due to exhaustion, and diminished thirst. Jiufu has the effect of delaying aging and prolonging longevity. It has the effect of improving the body’s immunity, can invigorate qi and strengthen essence, nourish liver and kidney, anti-aging, quench thirst, warm the body, and anti-tumor. It can also lower blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar, prevent arterial completion syndrome-like sclerosis, protect the liver, inhibit fatty liver, and promote liver cell regeneration.

Suitable for patients with gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, neurasthenia, bronchial asthma, and thrombophlebitis. Those who are full of dampness, nausea and swelling are forbidden to take.

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