Can Jiao Sanxian soak in water?

Everyone knows that some Chinese medicinal materials have strange names. Therefore, when I saw Jiao Sanxian, I thought Jiao Sanxian was a blind medicinal material, but Jiao Sanxian is actually a medicine prescription made from Jiao Malt, Jiao Hawthorn, and Jiao Shenqu; if it is just a simple medicinal material, Of course, there is no problem with soaking in water, but can Jiao Sanxian be soaked in water as a prescription? Of course, the answer is yes. Now that this problem is solved, I will introduce Jiao Sanxian to everyone.

Can Jiao Sanxian soak in water?

In the prescriptions of Chinese medicine, we often see the “blind” medicine-Jiao Sanxian. In fact, it is not a single medicine but three medicines, namely Jiao Malt, Jiao Hawthorn, Jiao Shenqu. Why are these three herbs often used together? This is because these three herbs have a good function of eliminating accumulation and stagnation, but they also have their own different characteristics. Coke malt has a good function of digesting starchy foods. Jiao Hawthorn is good at treating food stagnation caused by excessive meat or greasiness, and Jiao Shenqu is good for digesting rice noodles. The combination of the three drugs can significantly enhance the digestive function. Therefore, in clinical practice, doctors often combine the three drugs and call them “Jiao Sanxian”. In Jiao Sanxian, hawthorn is effective for food stagnation caused by eating too much meat and greasy food, while Shenqu is mainly used for eating too much rice and noodles, which can eliminate food stagnation. Malt is often used to treat food stagnation and spleen deficiency. And less. The three perform their own duties and can resolve the food accumulation caused by various situations during the holidays.

Coke malt, which is made by germinating barley, stir-fry the malt in a pot until it is yellow, spray with water, take out and dry, and it is coke malt. Jiao malt has the functions of invigorating the spleen and stomach, soothing the liver and resolving stagnation, and is used to treat symptoms such as poor appetite, full abdominal distension, loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea. For coke hawthorn, slice the hawthorn into the sun and fry in a pot with a fire until the outside is brownish brown and the inside is yellowish brown. Spray water, take it out and dry it, it is coke hawthorn. Oral hawthorn can increase the secretion of digestive enzymes and promote the decomposition and digestion of fats. It is particularly effective for people with abdominal distension, belching, reluctance to eat, abdominal pain, and diarrhea caused by excessive consumption of meat or greasy food. Jiao Shenqu is a processed product that is fermented after mixing whole wheat flour and other medicines (artemisia annua, cocklebur, Polygonum vulgare, almond, chixiaodou and other sprouts). Take the divine song and stir-fry in the pot until the exterior is burnt black and the inner is burnt yellow. Take it out, spray some water, and let it cool.

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