What are the benefits of drinking pepper in water

We should all have eaten this ingredient like pepper, and we accidentally ate it, because its taste is very numb, but when cooking or mixing cold dishes, we can’t do without it, so when we eat it, They are all cautious. Actually, pepper has many benefits to our body. It is a kind of Chinese medicinal material and can be soaked in water. So what are the benefits of drinking pepper in water? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

What are the benefits of drinking pepper in water

What are the benefits of drinking pepper in water

Zanthoxylum bungeanum is a small deciduous tree of the Rutaceae family and belongs to Zanthoxylum bungeanum. It can reach 7 meters in height; the thorns on the stem, the branches have short thorns, and the branches are pubescent. The leaf shafts often have very narrow leaf wings; the leaflets are opposite, ovate, elliptical, and thinly lanceolate, with finely cracked teeth on the edge of the leaf, and oil spots in the teeth. The leaf dorsal is pilose, and the leaf dorsal stem has reddish-brown markings. The inflorescence is terminal or born on the top of the lateral branches. The perianth is yellow-green, approximately the same in shape and size; the style is curved obliquely to the back. The fruit is purple-red, scattered with slightly raised oil spots, flowering period from April to May, fruit period from August to September or October.

The wood of Zanthoxylum bungeanum is typically light yellow, and the color becomes slightly darker when exposed to the air. The difference between the heart and sapwood is not obvious. The xylem structure is dense and uniform. The longitudinal section has silky luster. The large wood has artistic value. The lone plant can also be used as a protective hedge. The peel can be used as a seasoning, aromatic oil can be extracted, and it can be used as medicine. The seeds are edible and can also be processed to make soap.

The efficacy and role of drinking pepper water

It has the effects of warming the middle and dispelling cold, dehumidifying, relieving pain, killing insects and detoxifying fish. Cure food and drink, cold pain in the heart and stomach, vomiting, er, cough, dysphoria, wind-cold dampness, diarrhea, dysentery, colic, toothache, ascariasis, enterobiasis, vaginal itching, sore scabies.

1. “The Classics”: Main wind and evil spirits, warm the middle, remove cold numbness, strengthen teeth and hair, and improve eyesight. Main evil qi cough, warm middle, dead muscles, cold damp arthralgia, lower qi.

2. “Don’t Record”: Treat throat numbness, vomiting, hernia, remove old blood, postpartum illness, abdominal pain, sweating, and benefit the five internal organs. Except for six fu-organs, cold, typhoid fever, febrile malaria, strong winds and sweating, confidant drinking, lodging, intestinal dysentery, ejaculation, female breast disease, dispelling wind and pathogenic lumps, edema, jaundice, insecticide and fish poison. It can be used as a plaster to open the body, pass the blood, strengthen the teeth, adjust the joints, and resist cold and heat.

3. “Medicinal Properties”: cures bad wind, stubborn limbs all over the body, edema and swelling of the mouth; the main woman’s month is blocked, the treatment of postpartum malignant blood dysentery, multi-year dysentery, main growth, treatment of cold pain in the abdomen. Cure head, wind, tears, failure of waist and feet, loss of knots, rupture of blood, swelling of stones, cold and pain in the abdomen, and toothache.

4. “Dietary Therapy Materia Medica”: eliminate scars and get breast milk.

5. “Rihuazi Materia Medica”: break the crux, appetite, cure the temperature disease during the day, postpartum blood, cure the heart, impotence, cure Yin and sweat, warm the waist and knees, reduce the stool.

6. “Compendium”: dispelling cold and dampness, relieving stagnation, dispelling lodging food, clearing the triple burn, warming the spleen and stomach, invigorating the right kidney, killing roundworms, and stopping diarrhea.

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