What are the effects and functions of Daji and Job’s Tears Tea

There are many friends in life who like to drink tea, and making tea is also a very interesting thing. There is also a traditional handicraft called Diancha in China. Generally speaking, people in our country have unique feelings for tea, and there are many types of tea. Yes, some friends also use Chinese medicinal materials to make tea. I don’t know if you have heard of this tea in life. So what are the effects and functions of this tea? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

What are the effects and functions of Daji and Job's Tears Tea

Hemostatic effect: The decoction of Daiji Decoction was intragastrically administered, and the coagulation time of mice was measured by the slide method. As a result, the coagulation time of the administration group was significantly shortened. The leaves of Liutongyu obtained from thistle have a hemostatic effect. The hemostatic activity of the oral administration of Salvia officinalis in mice was 47.7%, while the hemostatic activity of the known hemostatic drug tranexamic acid was only 4% (the hemostatic activity was calculated by comparing the bleeding time between the administration group and the blank control group).

Antihypertensive effect: Milk thistle, Ethanol-water extract and ethanol extract, used in dogs, cats, rabbits, etc., have the effect of lowering blood pressure. Decoction, root lye, 25% and 50″ acidic alcohol extract and leaf decoction of fresh dried roots of Daisy Root can lower blood pressure when intravenously injected into anesthetized dogs. Root decoction and root lye are more effective in lowering blood pressure. Significant. Leaf lye, whole grass decoction, and whole grass lye have no obvious antihypertensive effect. The intravenous injection of thistle 1.5g/kg can reduce the blood pressure of anesthetized dogs, and has rapid tolerance, and can inhibit the occlusion of the neck The pressor reflex of the common artery (ECD). It reduces the blood pressure while slowing down the heart rate and weakening the contractility of the heart.

The above is about the efficacy and function of some of the roots of thistle that we have introduced to you. Thistle root is a kind of blood-activating grass, which can be used for the treatment of blood stasis, mainly as a blood-activating medicine. There are so many efficacies and functions of thistle root. I believe that if everyone can make full use of it, I believe that its efficacies can be brought into full play.

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