Can Lysimachia be soaked in water?

Nowadays, many friends in life like to raise some green aquatic plants. The more popular one is a plant called coingrass. It can not only grow in water, but also can be cultivated in soil, and the leaves are round. It’s cute. There is a medicinal material that is very similar to copper money grass. Its name is money grass. It is also a round leaf. Can this type of money grass be soaked in water? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

Can Lysimachia be soaked in water?

The effects of soaking Lysimachia in water are as follows:

First: anti-inflammatory effect

Soaking Lysimachia in water will increase the permeability of blood vessels in the body, and it also has a very good inhibitory effect on ear inflammation, and has a very good therapeutic effect on various inflammations.

Second: the role of stone removal

As we all know, the effects of Lysimachia soaked in water also include the treatment of liver stones and gallstones, which can effectively promote the elimination of stones and diuresis in the body. In general, the main component of stones in the body is calcium oxalate, which is not easy to water. Because the alcohol contained in Lysimachia is insoluble in polysaccharides and has a certain inhibitory effect on the formation of calcium oxalate, it can effectively inhibit the appearance of stones in the body.

Taboos of Lysimachia soaked in water:

1. Lysimachia can not be taken for a long time, long-term use of Lysimachia can easily damage the body’s righteousness, and the stone may even be more serious.

2. Under normal circumstances, patients with spleen deficiency and diarrhea should never take Lysimachia or take Lysimachia in water, which can easily lead to aggravation of the physical condition.

3. It is necessary to pay attention to the coldness of Lysimachia, if it is a patient with a deficiency and cold constitution, it is not recommended to take it for a long time, because it will easily cause damage to the spleen and stomach.

I believe you must understand the effects and taboos of soaking Lysimachia in water!

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