What is the effect of soaking thistle in water?

Small and medium thistles are commonly known as prickly vegetables in rural areas. In the 1990s, life in rural areas was mostly extremely poor. When rural women were idle, they would go to the mountains to find prickly pear and pull them back to dry and get them at the market. The pharmacy sells money; Cirsium is a kind of Chinese medicine. It has the effects of cooling blood to stop bleeding, removing blood stasis and reducing swelling. Maybe most people think that Chinese medicine is boiled in a casserole, but small thistle can Soak in water, so what is the effect of soaking thistle in water? Let us take a look.

What is the effect of soaking thistle in water?

Small thistle is the whole plant or rhizome of Compositae. Perennial herb, born on hillsides, wastelands, roadsides or fields, distributed in all regions of the country except Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, and Tibet. In summer and autumn, the flowers are harvested and cut to remove impurities, dried, or used fresh.

The effects of soaking small thistle in water:

1. “Materia Medica Supplements” records: small thistle breaks the blood, stops new blood, violently bleeds, bloody dysentery (‘dysentery’ is called’collapse’), golden sores, bleeding, vomiting, etc., twist the juice and take it warmly; for decoction and sugar , Alloy sores and spider and snake venom, it is also good to take it.

2. The “Compendium” quoted from “The Essential Prescriptions for Thousand Golds” records: Xiaoji cures the middle and lower blood: the stems and leaves of the Xiaoji (washed and cut), grind one cup of juice, add one cup of Rehmannia glutinosa juice, half two of Atractylodes macrocephala, halve decoction, and warm Clothes.

3. “Medical Guang Notes” records: Xiaoji treats all extremely painful chancre: Fresh Xiaoji and Xiandigupi each have five taels. Fry it in thick sauce and it will heal after three or four days.

4. “The General Record of St. Francis” records: Xiaoji treats fetal bleeding after pregnancy: Xiaoji root and leaves (filed), motherwort (removed rhizome, chopped) five taels each. Take three large bowls of water, boil the two flavors overcooked, remove the drunk, to a large bowl, fry the medicine in a copperware until one cup, divide it into two servings, and take it all within a day.

5. “Jisheng Recipe” Xiaoji Yinzi records: Xiaoji treats scorching heat and has blood in urine: Rehmannia glutinosa, Xiaoji root, Tongcao, talc, Shanzhiren, Puhuang (fried), light bamboo leaves, angelica, The lotus root festival and licorice are divided into equal parts. Chew on top, half two per serving, decoct in water, and serve empty.

6. “Anhui Chinese Herbal Medicine” records: Xiaoji treats hypertension: Xiaoji and Prunella vulgaris each 15g. Decoction instead of tea.

7. “The Atlas of Commonly Used Chinese Herbal Medicines” records: Xiaoji treats infectious hepatitis and hepatomegaly: fresh Xiaoji root 60g. Decoction in water, 10d is a course of treatment.

8. “The Atlas of Commonly Used Chinese Herbal Medicines” records: Xiaoji treats hematemesis: 9g each of Xiaoji, Daji, and Platycladus orientalis, 12g each of Agrimony and Jiao Zhizi. Decoction in water.

9. “Tang Materia Medica” records: Both large and small thistle can break the blood, but large thistle also treats carbuncle, and small thistle only treats blood and cannot reduce swelling.

10. “The Essential Prescriptions for One Thousand Golds” records: Xiaoji treats nasal choking and breathlessness: a handful of Xiaoji. (Father of the mouth) Take three liters of water, boil one liter, and divide into two servings.

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