Learn how to soak in water and drink Huazhou orange red

Tangerines are produced in many places in China, and each place has its own characteristics, especially Huazhou oranges. The oranges produced in Huazhou are famous. Because of the good local location, Huazhou oranges are soaked in water. What is the method? You need to understand it first, so that you can know how to soak in water to more effectively reflect its effects. The orange twigs, leaf backs, pedicels, calyx and ovary are all pilose, and the young leaves are usually dark purple. It is red, the twigs are flat and ribbed. It is a kind of fruit. It is a cultivated variety of pomelo. It belongs to the same tree as pomelo. How can Huazhou orange red soak in water?

Learn how to soak in water and drink Huazhou orange red

Huazhou Tangerine is the dry outer peel of the Rutaceae plant Huazhou Tangerine or Tangerine and its cultivated varieties. At the end of autumn and early winter, the fruits are harvested when they are mature, and the exocarp is cut off with a knife, and dried in the sun or in the shade. This product is in the form of long strips or irregular flakes, with the edges crimped and curled inwards. The surface is yellow-brown or orange-red, brown after storage, densely covered with yellow-white protrusions or recessed oil chambers. The inner surface is yellow-white, densely covered with small light-transmitting dots. It has the effects of dispelling cold and dampness, regulating qi and dissipating phlegm, widening the middle and invigorating the stomach. Mainly wind-cold cough, phlegm and qi, nausea and vomiting, chest swelling.

Huazhou red orange can be soaked in water to drink, you can drink it with other things, such as wolfberry, tangerine peel, etc. The eating method of Huazhou orange red is relatively simple, the common way to eat orange red is to decoct and take it once, once The dosage is 5~9g. In addition, there are also powders or pills in major pharmacies, which is more convenient. Tangerine is a very good medicine for curing diseases. In addition, the price of Tangerine is affordable. If your condition can be treated with Tangerine, it is recommended that you try to use Tangerine, because it is a source of nutrients and plants. It is a kind of Chinese medicinal material with extremely low side effects, so in theory, long-term consumption of orange is not a problem. Of course, some patients have special physical conditions, so you can consult a qualified physician before long-term consumption.

The effect of Huazhou orange red: dry dampness, resolve phlegm, regulate qi and eliminate food. Indications: cough, wheezing and excessive phlegm, tightness of the chest and diaphragm, food accumulation and vomiting, belching and hiccups, abdominal distension and pain. The flavonoids contained in the orange red have a similar effect to low-molecular dextran, which can reduce platelet aggregation, increase the stability of blood suspension and increase blood flow. Linalool can reduce spontaneous activities in mice.

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