Efficacy and effect of soaking green calyx plum in water

Plum blossoms have been praised by many literati and elegant guests throughout the ages. This phenomenon is not only to think that plums are beautiful, but also to be impressed by the spirit of plum blossoms in winter; today I will introduce a kind of plum blossoms-green calyx plums. , Lulumei is the dry flower bud of Rosaceae plum. It is also known as green plum, dry branch plum, sour plum, and ebony. Its effect is to soothe the liver, relax the stomach, and reduce phlegm. The effect of the lulu plum is To cure liver and stomach pain and loss of appetite, the eating methods of green calyx plum include green calyx plum steamed egg, green calyx plum honey tea, green calyx plum japonica rice porridge; there are so many ways to eat green calyx plum, so drink green calyx plum in water What are the effects and functions of

Efficacy and effect of soaking green calyx plum in water

The effect of drinking green calyx plum in water: 1, green calyx plum calms the liver and stomach, relieves abdominal pain and dizziness, and enters the diet. 2. Green calyx plum appetizes the appetite and dispels evil spirits, cooks porridge and eats, helps the Qingyang Qi rise, steams tea with dew, produces body fluid and quenches thirst, relieves heat and trouble. 3. Green calyx plum treats sores on the lips: stick the white plum petals, and stop bleeding if it cracks. 4. Green calyx plum to treat scrofula: open a hole in the egg, enter the green calyx plum to open seven flowers, seal, steam over the rice, remove the plum blossom to eat eggs, one per day, seven days. 5. Preliminary acne rash of green calyx plums: Pick a hundred pistils with dew green calyx plums in the early morning of the twelfth lunar month, add sugar, pound them into small cakes, and eat them.

The effects of soaking green calyx plum in water: 1. Lv calyx plum treats liver and stomach qi pain: green calyx plum aromas invigorate qi into the liver and stomach, soothing the liver and relieving depression, awakening the spleen, regulating qi and reconciling the qi; green calyx plum treating liver and stomach qi stagnation Flank swelling and pain, full abdominal swelling, belching and dullness, etc. It can be compatible with Bupleurum, bergamot, and Cyperus rotundus. 2. Green calyx plum fragrantly promotes qi, reduces phlegm and dissipates stagnation: green calyx plum treats phlegm-qi stagnation plum core qi, which can be used equably with Pinellia, Magnolia and Poria. 3. Green calyx plum cures gangrene that has not come out, does not occur, hides in the skin, and cures measma spots: one or two plum blossoms, two yuan each for peach kernel, cinnabar, and licorice, five yuan for loofah. For the end, take five points for each serving, and then take the Tangsu Decoction. 4. Lv calyx plum treats pharyngeal infarction (but no positive signs): two green calyx plums and two orange cakes. Decoction.

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