Can bergamot be soaked in water?

The origin of the name bergamot has a lot to do with its appearance. I believe that friends in the south are no strangers to this plant. It looks very much like the hand of a Buddha from a distance, and it is still yellow. So the alias of bergamot is called bergamot; it tastes very good, and it is also a kind of medicinal material. People may not know the way to use it, so can bergamot be soaked in water? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

Can bergamot be soaked in water?

Is it okay to soak bergamot in water?

Of course, bergamot can be soaked in water and drink. Soaking in water is not only convenient but also makes it easier for the bergamot to release its effects. Contains bergamot, regulates qi and resolves phlegm, relieves vomiting, relieves swelling, relieves the liver and invigorates the spleen, and has more medicinal functions for the stomach. It has obvious relieving effect on bronchitis and asthma of the elderly.

Because the red pine golden bergamot has high ornamental value and medicinal value, its economic value is also relatively high. Various medicinal wines made with golden bergamot are fragrant, sweet and delicious; health teas made with golden bergamot, etc.

The bergamot is a good wood with beautiful shape, color and fragrance. The flowers of bergamot are white, red and purple. The white flowers are pure and clean, the red flowers are calm, and the purple flowers are elegant. The leaves of the bergamot are green and green all the year round. The fruit of the bergamot is golden in color, rich in aroma, strangely shaped like a hand, and in various poses, which makes people feel full of fun. There is a poem saying, “Fruit and golden flowers are rich and good for both blessings and longevity. Fruits and flowers are the only ones to enjoy.” The name of bergamot also comes from this.

Bergamot not only has high ornamental value, but also has precious medicinal value and economic value. The whole body of the bergamot is a treasure. Its roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits can be used as medicine. It is pungent, bitter, sweet, warm and non-toxic. Various medicinal functions such as liver invigorating spleen and stomach. According to historical records, the roots of bergamot can cure men’s lower limbs and sore limbs; flowers and fruits can be used to make tea, which has a gas-eliminating effect; fruits can cure stomach problems, vomiting, hiccups, high blood pressure, bronchitis, asthma and other diseases. According to the “Gui Jing” and other publications, bergamot can also cure swelling and swelling, women’s leucorrhea and sober up alcohol. It is the main raw material for the preparation of the patent medicine in the Buddha’s hand.

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