What is the effect of green calyx plum tea?

The stomach is the most important digestive organ of our human beings. If there is a problem, it will directly affect our diet. For example, stomach discomfort may affect our appetite. At this time, it needs to be regulated. The regulation of stomach disease is It takes a process. When we change our diet, we can also try some medicinal materials, such as green calyx plum tea. So what is the effect of green calyx plum tea? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

What is the effect of green calyx plum tea?

The efficacy of green calyx plum tea

The green calyx plum blossoms are white in color and have a strong fragrance. It is calm in nature, and its biggest feature is that it can regulate the qi, regulate the spleen and stomach, and regulate the qi and blood, but it will not hurt the yin, which is very rare. Therefore, whether it is the elderly at home or the young baby, you can use Lvmei for health care. It is often used for depression, upset, stomachache, loss of appetite, etc. The topical use of Lvcamei water can also prevent facial blood stasis from forming spots.

Green calyx plum tea is made from 10 grams of green calyx plum and 4 grams of green tea. It has the functions of regulating qi, soothing the liver, and relieving stomach pain. Mainly used to treat liver-stomach discord. Symptoms are distending and painful in two hypoches, gastric swelling and pain, depression and uncomfortable, decreased appetite and so on. The production method is to brew with boiling water above, drink frequently instead of tea, and drink with boiling water. 1 dose a day.

The contraindication of this drug is that it is not suitable for drinking due to severe yin deficiency. The green calyx plum is sweet and warm in nature, regulates qi and relieves pain, and is aromatic and awakens the spleen. Ancient and modern doctors often call it “regulate the qi without hurting the yin.” The main medicine of this prescription is green calyx plum, soothes the liver and regulates qi, harmonizes the stomach and awakens the spleen and relieves pain. It is less supplemented with green tea to restrict its warmth. It is suitable for liver and stomach qi pain syndrome. However, in severe cases of yin deficiency, red tongue and no moss, less fluid, dry mouth and cold drinks are not suitable for long-term drinking. Long-term use of the taste of regulating qi will inevitably damage yin and consume qi.

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