The efficacy of Xiangfu Chuanxiong Tea

There are many reasons for headaches, such as flu and fever, or long-term mental stress. If you ignore it, it is likely to develop chronic headaches. Chronic headaches are common symptoms and are common among women and friends. We can choose some Chinese medicine to regulate the body. So whether Xiangfu Chuanqiong Tea is effective in treating chronic headaches, in response to this problem, the following article will introduce the efficacy and effects of Xiangfu Chuanxiong Tea.

The efficacy of Xiangfu Chuanxiong Tea

The efficacy of Cyperus rotundus

1. The effect on the uterus

Cyperus rotundus (purchased from Nanjing, said to be produced in Guangdong) 5% liquid extract, can inhibit the contraction of isolated uterus (pregnant and non-pregnant) of guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs, etc., and relax the uterine muscle tension. It is similar to Angelica sinensis, but its effectiveness is weaker. The oil contained in Cyperus rotundus has a weak estrogenic effect.

2. Analgesic effect

Using the mouse electric disc stimulation method, subcutaneous injection of 0.5 ml/20 g body weight of 20% alcohol extract of Cyperus rotundus (collected from Guiyang) can significantly increase the pain threshold of mice.

3. Antibacterial effect

Root tubers have antibacterial effects, and its extracts have inhibitory effects on certain fungi.

4. Regulate Qi and relieve depression

It is used for the pain of the chest and the stomach and abdomen due to stagnation of liver qi. With Bupleurum and Qingpi to treat chest and hypochondriac pain. With galangal (Mingliangfu Pills) to treat stomach cold and pain.

The efficacy of Chuanqiong

1. Promoting blood circulation and promoting qi:①It is used for coronary heart disease and angina pectoris. It can be used together with safflower, salvia, cassia, red peony, and Guanxin No. 2 prescription. ②Used for diseases caused by qi and blood stasis, such as premenstrual period, volume multicolor red, blood heat, and can be used as the same as Shengdi, Moutan bark, and Angelica; in late menstruation, once every 1 to 2 months, menstruation When waist and abdomen pain, leucorrhea is multi-colored and white, it is equivalent to angelica, paojiang, eucommia, and cinnamon. ③For dysmenorrhea, if the waist and abdomen pain is severe before menstruation, and menstruation is seen 1 day after the pain, use it with angelica, peach kernel and safflower; if amenorrhea is not good, and the body is not uncomfortable, it can be used with angelica, peach kernel, dried ginger and cinnamon ; For postpartum abdominal pain, use the same as Angelica and Paojiang. ④It is used for traumatic injury, local swelling and pain, and can be used together with gardenia, peach kernel and safflower.

2. Dispel wind and relieve pain:①For colds and headaches, it can be used together with Nepeta, Radix and Angelica dahurica in wind-cold patients; it can be used with chrysanthemum and peppermint in wind-heat patients. ②It is used for rheumatic arthralgia, and can be used with Qianghuo, Duhuo and Fangfeng.

3. Qi movement and depression:① It is used for abdominal flank swelling and pain above cholecystitis. It can be used equably with Bupleurum and Scutellaria. ②It is used for the symptoms of abdominal distension and pain, acid vomiting and heartburn in the case of gastritis. It can be used equivalently with dandelion and woody.

The brewing method of Xiangfu Chuanxiong tea

This recipe comes from “Danliao Recipe” and is used to treat migraine. In the prescription, the fragrance is pungent in nature, slightly bitter, sweet and calming, has functions of regulating qi and relieving depression, relieving pain and regulating menstruation. It is a commonly used medicine in gynecology. “Materia Medica Zhengyi” says that it is “most capable of regulating qi” and “specializing in treating qi knots”; “Materia Medica” believes that it “promotes qi in the blood, and blood is born in harmony, and blood is born in harmony, and qi has something.” According to pharmacological research, Cyperus rotundus has analgesic, antibacterial and relaxing effects of uterine muscle tension. Ligusticum chuanxiong, which is compatible with the function of promoting qi, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain, is better than reducing fire and eliminating troubles, opening depression and promoting qi, rational Qi, promoting blood, invigorating depression, and analgesic in one furnace. It is used for clinical symptoms of depression and headache. Good results.

Brewing method: Wash the medicinal materials to make coarse powder, add 500 ml of boiling water to brew, cover for 10 minutes, or boil for 5 to 10 minutes, and drink it instead of tea.

Efficacy: Soothes the liver, promotes qi, relieves pain.

Remarks: Cyperus rotundus is a plant of the Cyperaceae family. The scientific research of the sedge herb found that this product has a significant analgesic effect, and the effect is better when it is used in combination with Ligusticum chuanxiong and tea. This prescription is suitable for chronic headache caused by liver qi stagnation.

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