What is the effect of soaking lemon peel in water?

We all don’t like to drink boiled water in our lives, but if we drink tea water, we are afraid that we will not fall asleep at night, so we all choose to use some fruits to soak in water. For example, lemon is everyone’s choice. Lemon itself contains nutrients. It is very rich, and lemon peel also has many functions. Maybe you don’t understand it. So what is the effect of soaking lemon peel in water? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

What is the effect of soaking lemon peel in water?

The effect of soaking lemon peel in water

When talking about lemon tea in Japan, everyone would think of black tea with a slice of raw lemon, but in Europe and America it refers to tea brewed only with lemon peel, or tea mixed with black tea and lemon peel. In terms of making tea, Lemon peel is more worthy of soaking than the pulp. Its fragrance and the faint bitterness of flavonoids, combined with the sourness of the lemon pulp, produce fluid and quench thirst, and have a unique flavor.

Soaking effect

1. Expectorant. What’s less known is that lemon can also expectorant, and the expectorant effect is stronger than orange and tangerine. Adding warm water and salt to lemon juice can smoothly cough up the thick phlegm that has accumulated in the throat, which is very effective. When you first catch a cold, you may wish to drink with lemon and honey to relieve sore throat and reduce the discomfort of dry throat.

2. In addition, drinking a glass of lemonade every morning before eating any food can not only strengthen gastrointestinal motility, treat constipation, discharge toxins from the body, and achieve the effect of beauty, but also can remove oral odor and eliminate bad breath.

3. The most direct effect of soaking lemon slices in water is beauty. It is a habit to drink a cup of hot lemon water every morning. The amount of lemon juice is preferably half a lemon. This will make the eyes more energetic and the skin more rosy. If you add more lemon juice to the water, it will also play a role in removing garbage from the body.

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