How much sulfur dioxide remains in Aidi Tea

After returning home from the holiday, I went to my grandfather’s house in my hometown, and when I was free at home, I went to the surrounding fields to take a look. Every uncle who grows vegetables is carrying a large sprinkler, and he is spraying full of pesticides. I only found out after asking. Although everyone knows that natural vegetables are the best, if you don’t spray pesticides, insects will bite the leaves a lot. Of course, few people buy such dishes. This spraying is a must for life. Now, the poisonous effect of the sprayed medicine is better than before, but it still leaves a little bit on some crops. How much sulfur dioxide remains in the dwarf tea?

How much sulfur dioxide remains in Aidi Tea

The antitussive effect of Aidicha: Aidicha decoction and its extract, Quentin No. 1 have obvious antitussive effects on the cough caused by electrical stimulation of cat superior laryngeal nerve and the cough in mice caused by ammonia spray. The effect of No. 1 is particularly remarkable, which may be the main cough suppressant of Aidi tea. Quentin No. 1 has no effect on reducing the dose of thiopental sodium in rats, and has no obvious analgesic effect on mice. Large doses have no hypnotic effect on animals, and poisoned doses have no obvious respiratory inhibition effect on dogs.

As long as it is washed carefully before consumption, the residue can be removed. The expectorant and antiasthmatic effects of Aidi tea: Aidi tea decoction has obvious expectorant effect on mice by gavage, and the intensity of action is equivalent to that of platycodon, which is injected intraperitoneally. The effect is stronger, and there is no obvious irritation to rabbit eye conjugation membrane, indicating that its expectorant effect may be produced by absorption. The effective ingredient of expectorant may be flavonoid glycosides. Gavage with catechin No. 1 has no expectorant effect and no obvious anti-asthmatic effect.

Generally speaking, the residue of Aidicha is still very small. The effect of Aidicha on respiration: Aidicha can reduce the oxygen consumption of rat trachea-lung tissue, and catechin 1 acts on sulfur and hydrogen. Enzyme system based on essential groups, thus reducing tissue respiration, but the effect is not strong. Antiviral effect: Aidi tea decoction has a certain inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus and influenza virus. Although volatile oil and flavonoid glycosides have antibacterial effects in vitro, it is difficult to reach effective concentrations in vivo. Effect on bronchitis: Daily inhalation of sulfur dioxide in rats with chronic bronchitis, oral administration of catechin No. 1 has certain preventive and therapeutic effects, manifested as goblet cell reduction, inflammatory cell infiltration, emphysema and lung atrophy. Lighten up.

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