What is the effect of dried rose tea

In ancient times, there was no toothpaste or the like, so in order to make their breath fresher, people usually use flower-soaked water to rinse their mouths. The most popular one is roses. The smell of roses is very special. Sweet, in addition to soaking in water to rinse your mouth, many friends also like to drink rose tea. Maybe you don’t understand, so what is the effect of dried rose tea? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

What is the effect of dried rose tea

Roses contain a large number of vitamins and xylose, glucose, sucrose, malic acid and other nutrients, which can reduce irritation, beautify the skin, regulate blood gas, promote blood circulation, and have the functions of eliminating fatigue, healing wounds, and protecting the liver and stomach and intestines. Long-term consumption of rose tea can also help promote metabolism. It is also rich in fiber, which is suitable for long-term drinking. It is also excellent for women and can be used for irregular menstruation and relieve dysmenorrhea. (Take 10 dried roses and brew them in boiling water for 10 minutes, add brown sugar and drink). However, because roses promote blood circulation and dissipate silt, friends who have too much menstruation are best not to drink rose tea during menstruation.

Rose tea also has the effect of helping digestion and reducing fat, so it can lose weight. Drinking it after a meal has the best effect. Roses are often used as an astringent and have an astringent effect, so it is not suitable for Secrets to drink. Although roses are relatively warm, people with yin deficiency and fire are best to use them as little as possible. Rose has the effect of invigorating blood, so pregnant women should not drink it.

How to make rose tea

Blanch all the tea sets with hot water, and put about 10 flower buds in a pot. Pour hot water into the cup and simmer for 5 minutes to release the delicate fragrance (hot water should not be hot, within 80 degrees, because high temperature will destroy nutrients). The combination of rose tea and rock sugar works best, because the rose is slightly bitter, and the rock sugar will feel particularly aromatic and rich, and the rock sugar can disperse the silt and ventilate the blood.

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