The effect of leek seeds soaked in water

Leek is a very common ingredient in our lives, everyone is familiar with it, but it may be relatively unfamiliar to everyone; it is the dried seed of leeks after maturity, so it can be used as a traditional Chinese medicine to regulate the body. It has a very high medicinal value and can be used to soak in water; let me introduce the effects of leek seeds soaked in water.

The effect of leek seeds soaked in water

After taking leek seeds, there are many health effects on the body. It can not only treat male premature ejaculation, but also can nourish yin and yang, and also have a good therapeutic effect on the liver and eyes. Usually when taking leek seeds, you can also take this Chinese medicinal material with wolfberry and Cynomorium cynomorium, which will have a better health effect on the body.

Warm Yang and Nourish the Kidney

Leek seeds are warm in nature and spicy in taste. After consumption, they have the effect of nourishing kidney and warming yang. Therefore, if men suffer from premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea or impotence in their daily life, they can all be treated by taking leek seeds.

Activating Qi and Regulating Blood

Leek seeds have a pungent taste after being taken. After this taste enters the body, it can play the purpose of promoting blood circulation and promoting qi stagnation. Usually, if the body suffers from enteritis, nausea, chest pain and vomiting blood, you can drink leek seeds soaked in water for treatment. In addition, if you have bruises and other conditions, you can also take leek seeds.

Nourishing Liver and Stomach

Modern scientific research has found that leek seeds contain some special ingredients, such as sulfides and volatile essential oils, which can give leek seeds a special flavor. This scent can promote increased appetite, and at the same time the digestive ability of the stomach and intestines can also be enhanced. In addition, the liver qi can also be relieved, so that the body is naturally getting healthier.


Because leek seeds contain a lot of crude fiber and vitamins, these two substances can promote intestinal peristalsis after entering the body, and have a good therapeutic effect on constipation. In addition, it also has a certain preventive effect on intestinal cancer. In addition to being soaked in water alone, leek seeds can also be mixed with honey after grinding to make a pill. Taking an appropriate amount every day can promote good health. The editor recommends that you understand your physique before taking it. If you are a person with a yin deficiency and a strong physique, it is best not to take leek seeds to prevent your health from being affected.

Treatment of impotence

Decoction of leek seeds with water, and then one dose a day, can play the role of aphrodisiac and has a very good therapeutic effect on impotence. In addition, you can also decoct leek seeds with Eucommia, Morinda citrifolia, and fenugreek with water, which is suitable for some elderly people who have kidney yang deficiency, especially premature ejaculation, coldness, and other symptoms.

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