Is catechu effective in treating flat warts?

There are many types of skin diseases. The reason why they are called skin diseases is that they cause symptoms on the skin surface. For example, flat warts are one of them. After the appearance of flat warts, the impact on the patient’s skin is still It’s relatively large, so everyone wants to treat this disease in time. Have you heard of catechu? Does catechin have any effect on flat warts? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

Is catechu effective in treating flat warts?

Is catechu effective in treating flat warts?

Generally speaking, catechins are not effective in treating flat warts.

Catechu, the name of Chinese medicine. It is the debarked branch and dried dry decoction of leguminous plant catechin. In winter, the branches and stems are harvested, the outer skin is removed, cut into large pieces, boiled in water, concentrated, and dried. Distributed in southern Yunnan, cultivated in Hainan. It has the effects of invigorating blood circulation and relieving pain, stopping bleeding, regenerating muscle, reducing dampness and soreness, and clearing lungs and resolving phlegm. It is used for spitting pain, traumatic bleeding, vomiting blood, bleeding, sores, eczema, eczema, pulmonary heat, coughing.

Pain in the abdomen: use the heart, liver, and lungs of a rat, dry in the shade, and use tile baking as the end, add frankincense, myrrh, baby tea, and dragon’s blood for three points each. For each serving, adjust the shochu and stop immediately. Lower chancre: olive burn preservation, grind the powder, and apply it with oil. Or add baby tea to equal parts. Biyuan flowing water: Baby tea powder, blowing it, good.

Deciduous tree, 6-13 meters high. Branchlets are thin, with spines. The leaves are even-numbered two pinnately compound leaves, alternate. The racemes are axillary, with yellow or white flowers. The bark is brown or gray-brown, often showing strips of flakes cracking, not falling off.

Properties of medicinal materials:This product has a square or irregular block shape and varies in size. The surface is brown or dark brown, smooth and slightly shiny. It is hard, fragile, irregular in section, shiny, with pores, and sticky when exposed to moisture. Slight odor, astringent and bitter taste, slightly sweeter.

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