The function and efficacy of Taurus dwarf tea

Today, let us get to know Taurus grass dwarf tea together! At first hearing the name, you must think this is a kind of tea, but it is not. Taurus grass dwarf tea is a kind of herbal medicine, nicknamed “Purple Golden Bull”—— For folk herbal medicines in the south, Su Song said in the “Picture Classics and Materia Medica”: “Purple golden bull, raw Fuzhou, tastes pungent, leaves are like tea, green on the top, purple on the bottom, solid round, red like danzhu, the root is slightly purple, harvested in August “It’s like a morinda,” and it’s shaped like a purple metal plant umbrella. So, do you know the function and efficacy of Taurus dwarf tea?

The function and efficacy of Taurus dwarf tea

Jinniu Aidi Tea is a small evergreen shrub with a height of 10 to 30 cm. The base is often creeping horizontally, dark red, and has slender adventitious roots. Stems are often single, cylindrical, purple-brown on the surface, and short glandular hairs. Its leaves are alternate, often 3-7 pieces of clustered stem-tip impellers; elliptical or ovate, 3-7cm long, 1.5-3cm wide, short pointed tip, wedge-shaped base, sharp serrated edges, sparse gland points on both sides , Light red below, hairy midvein; petiole densely covered with short glandular hairs.

The whole plant is 21.5 to 25 cm long. It is often accompanied by creeping rhizomes. The stem is cylindrical or slightly flattened, with a diameter of 2 to 5 mm. The surface is dark reddish-brown, with fine longitudinal lines and protruding leaf scars. The base is sparsely whisker-shaped adventitious roots; sometimes pedicels or dark red shrunken spherical small fruits can be seen at the top. The texture is brittle and easy to break, the section is dark reddish-brown, with white marrow in the center. Three or five leaves are often gathered on the top of the stem. The leaves are slightly curled or broken. After being flattened, they are ovoid, and the surface is gray-green to brown.

Taurus dwarf tea is flat in nature, pungent and slightly bitter in taste. Return to the lung and liver meridian. Indications to resolve phlegm, relieve cough, relieve dampness, and promote blood circulation. It is used for cough, blood in sputum, chronic bronchitis, damp-heat jaundice, and drop injury. The “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that Taurus grass dwarf tea can “detoxify and break blood”. Jinhua’s “Selected Formulas of Commonly Used Chinese Herbal Medicines” also has records that it can “pass menstrual flow, promote blood circulation, cool blood and detoxify. Treat tuberculosis, hemoptysis, stab hemorrhage, unknown swelling, toxin, irregular menstruation, malnutrition in children, dysentery, prolapse of the anus, habitual Miscarriage, low milk, chronic nephritis, high blood pressure”.

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