The traits of dwarf tea and its efficacy

Ai Di tea is a shrub plant that grows in the local area. Because of its grounding, is it called Ai Di tea? Let us understand it together. This product is a folk medicinal herb in the southern region. Strain, purple golden cow, raw Fuzhou, spicy flavor, leaves like tea, green on the top, purple on the bottom, solid round, red like danzhu, the root is slightly purple, picked in August, dried out of the heart, quite like Morinda officinalis, and also looks like red The parasol, from the height of the plant, seems to be the product. It is raw sandy ground, high and small, with small pink flowers, drooping cusps, red fruit in winter, common call dwarf tea, dwarf tea characteristics and its effects what is it then?

The traits of dwarf tea and its efficacy

The rhizome is creeping. The stem is cylindrical or slightly flat, the surface is brownish red, with fine longitudinal lines and leaf marks; it is brittle and easy to break, the section is light reddish brown, and the pith is white. The leaves are alternate, often in pairs or 3 to 7 clusters of stem tops; the leaves are slightly curled or broken, and the whole leaves are elliptical after unfolding. The surface of the young leaves is covered with glandular hairs. Old leaf hairs are sparse, gray-green, brown-red or brown. , Nearly leathery, pointed tip, wedge-shaped at the base, with fine serrations on the edge, net-like veins with obvious or slightly convex veins, and hairy midveins. Occasionally, pedicels and dark red spherical fruits are seen at the stem ends. Slightly fragrant, slightly astringent in taste.

Microscopic identification, the cross section of the stem of this product: the epidermal cell wall is thick, with glandular hairs; the cork layer can be seen on the old stem. The cortex is wide, with several rows of thick horn cells on the outside; some contain calcium oxalate square crystals; with secretory cavity. The endothelial layer is obvious. The phloem is very narrow, with a few fibers on the outside. The cambium ring is not obvious. The xylem cells are all lignified, and the vessels are arranged in a single row. The pith is larger and has a secretory cavity. Parenchyma cells contain calcium oxalate square crystals and starch granules, and some contain brown substances.

Flat in nature, bitter and pungent in taste. Return lung meridian and liver meridian, antitussive, expectorant, promoting blood circulation, diuresis and detoxification. It belongs to cough and asthma medicine under the classification of phlegm, cough and asthma. Resolving phlegm, relieving cough, removing dampness, and promoting blood circulation. It is used for cough, blood in sputum, chronic bronchitis, damp-heat jaundice, and drop injury.

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