Let’s learn about what is dwarf tea

Everyone must know very well about tea. We have drunk all kinds of teas since we were young. Some are fragrant and some are bitter. Different teas have different tastes. Different people have different preferences for tea, but Have you ever heard of Audi tea? Audi tea, also known as Zijinniu, is an uncommon tea. The stem of Audi tea is cylindrical or slightly flat, and the surface is brownish-red, with fine lines and leaf marks. ; Brittle, easy to break, light reddish brown in section, white pith, alternate leaves, often in pairs or 3 to 7 clusters of stem tops; leaves slightly curled or broken, intact leaves, elliptical after unfolding, the surface of tender leaves is covered Glandular hair, sparse old leaf hair, gray-green, brown-red or tan, nearly leathery, pointed tip, wedge-shaped at the base, serrated at the edge, reticulate veins obvious or slightly convex, hairy midvein, occasional pedicels and stem ends Dark red spherical fruit, slightly fragrant, slightly astringent, today we will come to understand what Aidi tea is.

Let's learn about what is dwarf tea

Ai Dicha is an evergreen semi-shrub, and its rhizomes are generally creeping. Its stem is single, branches and inflorescences have brown piloses; dwarf tea leaves are opposite, usually with 3 to 4 leaves. The stem tip is usually whorled, papery, oval, pointed at the top, wedge-shaped at the base, with pointed serrations on the top. Green, shiny, lavender underneath, with sparse gland spots on both sides. The flower is born on the stem or the top leaf axil, 2~6 umbellate; sepals, corolla lobes and anther back all have gland points; sepals are oval and sharp; petals are long ovate, white or light red; stamens 5 Pieces; drupe spherical, red when ripe, with black glands. Flowering from July to August, fruiting from August to November.

Ai Di Tea is a folk medicinal herb in the southern region, and it is the dried whole plant of Zijinniu, a plant of the Purple Taurus family. Su Song in “Pictures of Materia Medica” said: purple golden cow, born in Fuzhou, tastes pungent, leaves like tea, green on the top, purple on the bottom, solid round, red like red, roots, purple, picked in August, go to heart and dry, Quite like Morinda citrifolia. Judging from the picture of Fuzhou Purple Bull, and the green leaves, it looks like a umbrella of the Purple Bull genus.

Aidi tea has a good cough relieving effect. Experiments show that the decoction of Aidi tea and its proposed substance is short, and tea can significantly relieve the cough caused by electrical stimulation of the cat’s superior laryngeal nerve and the cough in mice caused by ammonia spray. The role of cadmium is particularly significant, and it may be the main cough suppressant component of Aidi tea. Its antitussive effect intensity is equivalent to 1/4 to 1/7 of cocaine according to the dose, and it is intolerable even if it is administered to cats continuously for 23 days. So drink more dwarf tea!

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