What are the effects of mulberry bark soaked in water?

Especially in rural areas, some elderly people like to use some bark, herbs, wild fruits to soak in water, some to clear heat and reduce fire, some to treat colds and coughs, etc. These are small recipes left by their ancestors, but they are actually useful. I have used mulberry bark to soak in water, so I would like to ask what are the effects of soaking mulberry bark in water? Is the effect good? Maybe you don’t know, then follow me to learn about it, maybe there is more The secret is that the mulberry bark is the dry root bark of the moraceae plant mulberry, also known as mulberry root bark, mulberry root bark, mulberry bark, and white mulberry bark. It is mainly produced in Anhui, Henan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hunan and other places. When the leaves fall in late autumn The roots are excavated before germination in the next spring, the yellow-brown rough bark is scraped off, and the root bark is peeled off and dried in the sun.

What are the effects of mulberry bark soaked in water?

The effect of mulberry bark soaking in water: to promote the health of the cardiovascular system. Scientists conducted experiments on rabbits and found that after intravenous injection of mulberry bark extract into the rabbit, the blood pressure of this animal decreased significantly. And this antihypertensive effect is not caused by the vagus nerves on both sides. However, if you take atropine, it will completely offset the blood pressure reduction, and it can also expand the blood vessels. It has the effect of constricting the blood vessels of the hind limbs, and there will be a certain excitement in the uterus and intestines. Therefore, taking Morus alba in life can play a certain role on the cardiovascular system, and the effect is similar to acetylcholine.

Secondly, it also has diuretic effect. If the mulberry bark extract is given to rabbits by gavage, it is found that the urine output and chloride content of the rabbits will increase significantly in the next six hours, and it will take about one day. Can return to normal. This is because mulberry bark has a very good diuretic effect, and the body’s urine output and chloride output will increase after taking it.

In daily life, it can be used to treat salivation in children. After preparing an appropriate amount of mulberry bark, decoct it with water. Divide the liquid medicine into two or three times and take one dose per day. After a week of continuous use, the disease can be cured, and within one year It is not easy to relapse. Special attention must be paid to using this prescription. The dosage of mulberry bark should be determined according to the age of the child. The younger the age, the lower the dosage to avoid health problems of the child. Prepare the mulberry bark and wash the rice. Soak in water for three days and three nights, wash and remove the yellow skin on the epidermis, and then slowly make it into a powder. This medicinal material is dried together with glutinous rice and ground into powder. It is enough to take 2 yuan with rice soup every day. These are only part of the effects of soaking mulberry bark in water, so the ancient method is also very useful.

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