Can Inula flowers soak in water to drink

There are many types of respiratory diseases. Generally, after suffering from a respiratory disease, one of the most obvious features is that the patient may experience discomfort such as wheezing and coughing, especially the coughing and phlegm, which is really unbearable. In ancient times, there were no antibiotics, and we could only rely on Chinese medicine for treatment. The traditional Chinese medicinal material Inula has the effect of treating cough and excessive phlegm, so can Inula in water be soaked in water? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

Can Inula flowers soak in water to drink

Can Inula in water be soaked in water?

Inula has a special name. Although inula is a Chinese medicinal material, not everyone can often come into contact with it in life. Inula is actually the general term for this plant and medicinal materials, a perennial herbaceous plant of the Compositae family, which mainly grows in the north of my country. Inula blooms and picks in the two seasons of summer and autumn. The obtained flowers are dried and soaked in water after removing impurities, which is even more beneficial to the human body.

In our daily life, we usually use the method of oral administration. Inulin is decocted in water. At this time, we need to pay attention to the method and dosage. The editor recommends that if you decoct inula in water, you need to wrap the inula in gauze in advance and then decoct it. You can also remove the fluff on the flower in advance, so that it is best for your body. In addition, the dosage of Inula needs special control. The dosage for each decoction should be controlled between 3g and 10g. Don’t be too greedy to avoid health effects.

If the body has a cough caused by yin deficiency and fatigue, as well as a cough caused by dryness, then this type of patient must not take Inula soaked in water to avoid aggravation of the condition. Although inula has a certain effect on treating coughs after taking it, it is not effective for coughs caused by all causes, so pay attention to distinction in life.

Inula can be used for decoction like other Chinese medicinal materials, but there is a special step before decoction of this medicinal material, so you should pay attention to it in life. Because the surface of Inula has a certain amount of fluff, if this kind of fluff enters the throat, it will cause this area to itch, then choking, coughing, and vomiting may occur. Therefore, when using Inula, this medicinal material must be wrapped in cloth, so that it is best for the body.

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