Can Reincarnation be soaked in water?

Resurrection grass is a real plant in life, and resurrection grass is a very powerful creature. No matter how dry the environment is, it can’t stop its growth. Resurrection grass is not as magical as in novels and TV dramas. Efficacy, but resurrection grass does have medicinal value. Soaking medicinal materials in water is a more popular way, so can resurrection grass be soaked in water for drinking? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

Can Reincarnation be soaked in water?

Can Reincarnation be soaked in water?

It is not recommended to soak it in water. It is best to take it by decoction. At the same time, pay attention to oral hygiene, and insist on brushing your teeth in the morning and evening and after meals. To reduce the irritation of tobacco, alcohol and dust, it is also necessary to correct the bad habit of mouth breathing. It is necessary to strengthen physical exercise, strengthen physical fitness, prevent respiratory infections, use less tobacco and alcohol, and actively treat diseases of the organs around the pharynx. It is advisable to eat some foods that are light, sour, sweet and nourishing yin.

Ornamental effect

Planting Selaginella in a pot is a very good bonsai of Pinus sylvestris! Used in rockery, large-scale bonsai cultivation and decoration, can greatly improve the ornamental value. It is a good gift for others, because it is a symbol of blessings such as Donghai and Shoubi Nanshan.

Nature and flavor return to menstruation

Bitter, cold. Return to the kidney, bladder, and large intestine meridian.

Function Indication

Use to break blood, stir fry to stop bleeding. It can be used for health to treat amenorrhea, agglomeration, bruises, abdominal pain, and asthma; charcoal is used to treat vomiting, blood in the stool, blood in urine, and prolapse of the anus.

Pharmacological application

1. Anticancer effect: It is effective for chemical anticancer agents or radiotherapy for sensitive tumors; it is often used for choriocarcinoma, malignant hydatidiform mole, nasal cancer, lung cancer and liver cancer.

2. Hemostatic effect: Selaginella fructose has hemostatic effect.

3. Antibacterial effect: 100% Selaginella decoction is punched with a flat plate, which has an inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus.

4. Antispasmodic effect: the contained celery aglycone has moderate antispasmodic effect on smooth muscle. Experiments in guinea pigs and rats have shown that it has a weaker anti-gastric ulcer effect.

The effects of Reincarnation Grass are still many. Not only can it be placed indoors as a bonsai, but it can also be used as medicine to treat diseases. And it has a peculiar effect on some diseases, so it’s really right to call it Reincarnation.

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