Can Ai Hui make tea and its effects

You may have heard of moxibustion, but usually the moxa ash left over from moxibustion may be thrown away as trash; in fact, moxa ash has many uses. It can dispel cold, reduce swelling, and reduce symptoms. There are many in ancient China. Doctors use moxa ash or plant ash to treat some diseases; then can moxa ash be drunk? Let me introduce to you whether moxa ash can be used in tea and its effects.

Can Ai Hui make tea and its effects

Ai ash can be used to make tea. Ai is a traditional Chinese medicine, which has the effect of stopping bleeding and reducing inflammation. It is often drink with water in the folk.

Moxa ash can cure beriberi: When you suffer from beriberi, you can apply moxa ash to the affected area to instantly relieve itching. General beriberi, many times a day, persist for a few days and it will be cured. This method is very effective! If your beriberi is particularly severe, combined with moxibustion, there will be better results.

Moxa ash can dispel acne: if you have acne, redness and swelling, if you apply some moxa ash, it will quickly dry out and fall off slowly without leaving acne marks.

Moxa ash can be used as a mask: use moxa ash and egg whites, or a mask made of moxa ash with milk and honey. Apply it thickly on the face and wash it off after 20 minutes. You will find that not only the skin becomes white, but also Especially delicate and translucent.

Moxa ash can wash your face: add some moxa ash to the facial cleanser to wash your face. After washing, it will feel particularly clean and refreshing.

Moxa ash can deodorize: Moxa ash is a natural deodorant. It is packed in a small cloth bag and placed in the toilet, kitchen or refrigerator. It has a deodorizing effect, which is comparable to bamboo charcoal.

Moxa ash can be used as a desiccant: some people like to sweat on their feet. Put a moxa bag in the shoes that you have taken off. The moisture absorption effect is first-rate.

Artemisia ash can be used as fertilizer: Artemisia ash is an excellent fertilizer for plant ash. Mix the wormwood in the soil and you will like flowers and plants.

Moxa ash can stop bleeding: When a place on the body is damaged and bleeding, the moxa ash can be mixed into plaster and applied to the wound, and it will heal in a few days. Moxibustion has the effect of promoting blood circulation, but moxa ash is a good hemostatic medicine.

Babies often have red butts. Of course, mothers feel distressed. After using a lot of creams, creams and oils, the effect is repeated, especially for fear of dependence. You can use moxa ash and sesame oil to mix thoroughly to coat your baby’s red bottom, then put on a diaper as usual. You will find it better when you change it next time. Moms with babies can try it. In fact, adult wet sores can also be used in the same way.

In fact, moxa ash has many functions. Not only can moxa ash contribute to medicine, it is also a very good fertilizer in agricultural methods, so keeping these magical moxa ash will definitely be used in life.

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