Which brand of grapefruit tea is good

Grapefruit tea not only tastes sweet, but also has high nutritional value. It has a powerful drinking effect. Among them, the effect of weight loss and beauty is very significant. It is precisely because of these health benefits that grapefruit tea is very popular among young women. There are many brands of grapefruit tea on the market with different prices. Which brand of grapefruit tea is better? The following Mawang Encyclopedia introduces some well-reputed grapefruit tea brands for everyone’s reference. You can choose according to your own preferences.

1. Hengshoutang honey condensed grapefruit tea

This brand of grapefruit tea is made from high-quality grapefruit and refined with honey. It has a strong fragrance and rich nutrition. It is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, young people, children and other people to drink, and it is convenient to brew. The general market price is around 35 yuan, a can of 850g.

2. Korean kj honey grapefruit tea

Honey citron tea comes from Korea, and Korean honey citron tea is especially popular. This brand of honey grapefruit tea is made from golden grapefruit from the southern coast of South Korea. In addition to being rich in vitamins, it also contains natural pectin and aromatic essential oils for good beauty effects. The market price is around 40 yuan, a can of 1000g.

3. Tianwo honey grapefruit tea

Tenwo honey grapefruit tea combines all-natural honey with healthy fruit grapefruit to create a sweet, fresh and moisturizing taste. The main target consumer group is young people aged 19-35. This grapefruit tea is drunk directly without brewing. The market reference price is around 3.5 yuan for a 500ml bottle.

4. South Korea’s Jeonnam Honey Citron Tea

The Jeonnam honey grapefruit tea imported from South Korea tastes good and the price is affordable. It is also one of the favorite grapefruit tea brands of many people. The taste is sweet and sour, rich in nutrition, very suitable for white-collar women. The reference price is about 30 yuan, a can of 580g.

5. Yuzilang honey grapefruit tea

Yuzilang honey grapefruit tea is also imported from South Korea. The main feature is that it tastes good after brewing, and the unique constant temperature cellaring fermentation process of grapefruit not only retains the original nutrition of fresh grapefruit. The reference price is about 50 yuan, a can of 550g.

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