Is coltsfoot soaked in water to cure cough?

Coltsfoot is not an ornamental flower, but a traditional Chinese medicinal material. Many people should have heard of Coltsfoot. Although it is not like dandelion, it also has high medicinal value. It can relieve cough and expectorant; common colds and coughs Patients of coltsfoot will choose to use coltsfoot for treatment, so is this winter flower soaked in water to treat coughs, and will regular use have any effects on the body? Today I will introduce you to a detailed introduction.

Is coltsfoot soaked in water to cure cough?

Coltsfoot is mainly produced in Gansu, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Henan, Hebei and Shanxi, among which Lingtai in Gansu is the best. Coltsfoot is generally dug out its buds from late October to late December when the flowers are not unearthed, and put them in a ventilated and dry place to dry in the shade. Be careful not to wash, touch, sun, or freeze, otherwise it will easily turn black.

Coltsfoot is a traditional Chinese medicine. It is pungent and warm in nature, enters the lung meridian, has the effects of relieving cough, expectorating, and relieving asthma. It can be used to treat cough and asthma, lung deficiency and chronic cough, phlegm cough with blood, and throat palsy. When used to treat cough, asthma or prolonged cough, it is often used in combination with asters to reduce phlegm and lower qi. Because of its warm nature, it is suitable for cold coughing. Coltsfoot has a strong antitussive effect, but its expectorant power is weak. When combined with asters, it enhances the expectorant effect.

Practical and convenient:

1. Cold and cough, tracheitis cough: 15 grams of Coltsfoot and Rehmannia glutinosa, 30 grams of Phellinus edulis, decocted in water.

2. Prolonged cough and blood in the sputum: coltsfoot and lily are the same amount, the fine powder is studied together, the honey is made into pills, such as quail eggs, 1 pill each, chew after breakfast and dinner, and ginger soup is taken.

3. Tuberculosis, asthma, lung atrophy: 10 grams of coltsfoot, 1 gram of green tea, 6 grams of asters, 5 grams of roasted licorice, add 1 large bowl of water, boil for 5 minutes, strain the juice, add honey and take it appropriately. 1 dose daily.

4. Mouth and tongue sores: coltsfoot and Coptis chinensis in equal amount, grind the fines together, and apply to the affected area.

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