Is the price of agarwood tea very expensive?

We have all drunk tea, and Chinese people have always liked to drink tea. Some people will feel tasteless if they don’t drink tea before meals. This shows how important tea is in our lives; you may have drunk black tea or green tea. Oolong tea, but have you ever drunk the agarwood tea we are talking about today? Chinese medicine Agarwood is not only a precious medicinal material but also a very expensive spice. It can be seen that the price must not be cheap, so today we will talk about whether the price of agarwood tea is very expensive. Woolen cloth.

Is the price of agarwood tea very expensive?

Pharmacological effects of agarwood

1. Agarwood decoction has a complete inhibitory effect on Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and it also has a strong antibacterial effect on Typhoid fever and Shigella flexneri.

2. The volatile oil components of this product have anesthesia, analgesic and muscle relaxation effects. The boiled liquid and boiled wine sediment from the traditional Chinese medicine agarwood can inhibit the spontaneous contraction of the isolated guinea pig’s ileum and resist the spastic contraction caused by histamine and acetylcholine. Inject 0.2mL (2g crude drug) into the whole animal’s abdominal cavity. /mL) can slow down the intestinal propulsion of mice caused by neostigmine, showing smooth muscle antispasmodic effect. After the anesthetized cat is injected with acetylcholine, the contraction amplitude is reduced and the peristalsis slows down. Experimental results indicate that these effects may be the direct effects of agarwood on intestinal smooth muscle.

3. It still has sedative and anti-asthmatic effects. The concentration of 1x104g of the ethanol extract of Agarwood has a certain promotion effect on the antihistamine effect of the isolated guinea pig trachea.

4. The effect on the central nervous system. Gavage of the benzene extract of agarwood to mice can prolong the sleep time induced by cycloethylene barbital, lower body temperature, and have an effect on the writhing effect of acetic acid. It can reduce the spontaneous movement of mice, and it also has an inhibitory effect on the central nervous system of mice.

5. Antihypertensive effect. Anesthetized cats were given intravenous injection of Shenfang Decoction 1.8g/kg, blood pressure dropped by 3.2~3.6kPa, and returned to normal in 4~11 minutes, and the water decoction could block the antihypertensive effect of acetylcholine.

6. Anti-arrhythmia and anti-myocardial ischemia effect.

7. New research has found that Agarwood also has obvious anti-cancer effects.

There are many price points for agarwood tea. Some high-quality agarwood tea will be more expensive. There is also agarwood tea that is full and round, clear, golden, and has a comfortable taste.

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