How many ways are there for almond tea?

Speaking of almond tea, many people will say that we have drunk it and it tastes very good, but if you ask them if they can make almond tea, most of them don’t know how to make almond tea. Today we will introduce the method of almond tea. My family of three loves almond tea, especially me. It’s a big love. Every time I make almond tea, I have to drink two bowls. This nourishing, nourishing, whitening almond tea, I think ladies will be with me Like the same, almond tea is really a good thing for your health. Come and see how to do it.

How many ways are there for almond tea?

Almond tea is made with almond flour, but it is more troublesome. Using a soymilk machine saves a lot of trouble, and it is made directly with almonds. The ingredients are also available for purchase. Unlike almond flour, which is often unavailable and can be purchased online. Use the soymilk machine to make almond tea, you can make it whenever you want, and you can enjoy delicious almond tea anytime. The family eating method is generally to use almond soup or boil it into sugar water. It is often cited to moisturize the lungs and reduce phlegm. Here is the method of macaroon tea. When adding almond water, you must pour the almond water while stirring. Must be constantly stirred.

Ingredients (for four persons): 50 grams of southern apricot (washed), eight apricots (washed), 1/4 cup of rice (soaked for two hours after washing), 7 cups of water, rock sugar (washed 100 Fifty grams, four egg whites (beat evenly), three drops of almond sesame oil. Ingredients for making longan almond tea: Main ingredients: 20 grams of southern apricot, 2 grams of northern apricot (if you put too much, it will be very bitter), white rice 10 Grams, 25 grams of rock sugar, 5 grams of longan, 400 grams of water (one serving). The method of longan almond tea: wash almonds and white rice and soak for 12 hours. My longan meat is stored in the refrigerator. I don’t believe that the black stuff turned out to be longan meat. It took 2 hours to soak it! Shelled longans don’t need to be soaked. Put water, almonds and white rice in a blender and grind them into almond rice syrup. For later use, mash the rock sugar and put it in the almond rice milk together with the longan, and boil it over a slow heat until the sugar is completely dissolved and ready to eat.

Almond tea is a kind of flavor snack introduced to the folk from the palace. It uses refined almond powder as the main ingredient, brewed with boiling water in a large pot made of dragon and phoenix copper, and is accompanied by more than ten kinds of condiments such as almonds, peanuts, sesame seeds, roses, osmanthus, raisins, medlars, cherries, white sugar and so on. The color is gorgeous, the fragrance is pure, and it is a good product for nourishing and prolonging life. Put cold water into the pot, boil over high heat, pour the thin paste into the pot, boil for 5 minutes, serve almond tea, then scoop it into a bucket to keep warm, when eating, put the almond tea in a bowl, put sugar and sweet-scented osmanthus juice That’s it.

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