Discuss the effect of soaking the roots of Imperata cylindrica in water

Many things may not be as effective as its prototype. If you change the way it is used, it may be able to exert a greater effect. The root of Imperata cylindrica, the name of Chinese medicine, is the dried rhizome of the grass Imperata cylindrica. Excavated in spring and autumn, washed and dried to remove the fibrous roots and membranous leaf sheaths, and bundle them into small bundles. This product is a long cylindrical shape, 30-60cm long, 0.2-0.4cm in diameter, yellowish white or light yellow on the surface. Slightly shiny, with longitudinal wrinkles, obvious nodes, slightly protruding, internodes varying in length, usually 1.5 to 3 cm long, light in body, slightly brittle in texture, white in cross section, with cracks, arranged radially, and the center column is light yellow, It is easy to peel off from the skin, has a slight smell and a slightly sweet taste, so let’s discuss the effect of Imperata cylindrica root soaked in water.

Discuss the effect of soaking the roots of Imperata cylindrica in water

Treatment of bleeding from stab wounds: At this time, you can crush the Imperata cylindrica root or Imperata cylindrica flower and apply it directly to the affected area, or you can continue to bandage, the effect is very good. Treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis and hemoptysis: You can prepare fresh cypress roots, lotus root charcoal, crane roots, and arborvitae leaves together, and then decoct them with water. The effect is very good. Treatment of hematuria: Prepare appropriate amount of fresh Imperata cylindrica root, plantain, and thistle, and then decoct it in water and take it while it is still hot.

Treatment of epistaxis: Prepare the white grass and pig’s nose, then wash the pig’s nose, chop it and stew with the white grass. It is recommended to take it after meals, once a day for about five days, you will see the effect. Treatment of urinary hot shower: Prepare fresh Imperata cylindrica roots and plantain in a 3 to 1 amount, and then decoct them to take. Acute nephritis: If the body suffers from acute nephritis, you can also take Imperata cylindrica to restore your health. The fresh Imperata cylindrica roots, goldenrod and oldenlandia diffusa are decocted together, and the medicinal solution is taken once a day. Treatment of hemoptysis due to lung heat: prepare fresh Imperata chinensis root and agrimony in a ratio of 30 to 5, and decoct in water to take the medicinal solution.

Treatment of glomerulonephritis: At this time, it is necessary to decoct the dried Imperata cylindrica root in water, and then take it once a day in the morning and evening. Treatment of yellow sweat: Yellow sweat is a problem that many women are plagued by. Using Imperata cylindrica root can get a good treatment. Stew the fresh Imperata cylindrica root and pork together, according to the amount of one to one, and finally eat the meat and drink the soup. Treatment of viral hepatitis: decoct fresh Imperata cylindrica roots in water, mix the first liquid medicine and the second liquid medicine and take it in two divided doses, one dose per day. Treatment of Datura poisoning: The fresh Imperata cylindrica roots are mashed together with sugar cane and coconut and then squeezed and taken. The detoxification effect is very good.

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