Does anyone tell me that it is okay to soak turmeric in water?

With the accelerating pace of modern life and the gradual deterioration of the environmental climate, people are paying more and more attention to family health care. Recently, I have seen many friends asking questions about turmeric, turmeric is a traditional Chinese medicine, and many friends do not understand its pharmacology. The medicinal properties are only occasionally talked about, so I am in an awkward situation where I want to use it but dare not use it. Today, let me tell you the specific effects of this Chinese medicine and related methods of use, so that everyone can better in their daily lives. use.

Does anyone tell me that it is okay to soak turmeric in water?

Zedoary turmeric is also called blue heart ginger, black heart ginger, and ginger seven. It is the rhizome of the ginger family plant zedoary turmeric. It is a perennial herb that looks very similar to ginger. Its rhizome is called “Edocarium” and is used to make traditional Chinese medicine. It is a famous Chinese herbal medicine in my country. It has rich medicinal value. Blood, eliminates product and relieves pain.

The root mass is called “green turmeric”. This plant is mainly distributed in the subtropical and tropical regions of southern my country, and is also distributed in India and Malaysia. It is usually cultivated in the shade of wild trees.

Curcuma is bitter, warm, enters the liver, spleen meridian, has the ability to promote qi and break blood; eliminate pain and relieve pain, mainly blood qi and heartache; diet stagnation; abdominal distension and pain; blood stagnation and amenorrhea; dysmenorrhea; The role of.

The use and compatibility of turmeric can be mixed with three-sided soaking water. The three-sided is the qi medicine in the blood, which is longer than the qi in the blood, and it is used to break the blood to pass through the blood; To break the qi and dispel stagnation, combine the two medicines, use both qi and blood, promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis, promote qi and relieve pain, dissipate stagnation and relieve symptoms. Sanleng Wu Zezhu is derived from “Experience Recipe” Sanleng Pills, which is used to treat blood stagnation and amenorrhea and abdominal pain. The detailed clinical effects are as follows:

Step 1 is used to treat irregular menstruation. It is more suitable for patients with lower abdomen masses, amenorrhea and menstrual pain caused by stagnation of Qi and blood stasis, patients with sparse menstruation or no menstruation for several months, and lower abdomen pain, mental depression, chord pulse, lower abdomen masses (equivalent to appendicitis) Etc.), you can use zedoary turmeric with Siwu soup, such as zedoary powder.

The second step is used to treat the accumulation of qi stagnation and blood stasis, pain in the heart and abdomen, and swelling and pain under the flanks. For example, if there is cirrhosis of the liver, hard texture, faint pain under the flanks, or even ascites (but the general condition of the whole body is still good) when cirrhosis of the liver, you can use zedoary turmeric, three ridges, and other stasis-removing, softening, and qi replenishing medicines. Leng Zhuyu Decoction. Those who have both scorching heat. With gardenia, habitat, and Eclipta prostrata.

Step 3 is used to treat food stagnation (indigestion), whichever has the effect of invigorating the stomach, where there is bloating, bowel sounds, or full stomach pain, zedoary turmeric can be used as an appetizer to relieve pain. It is often matched with Muxiang, Chuanpu or Grain sprouts, malt, green peel, tangerine peel, betel nut, etc. For those with weak stomachs, they must be supplemented with Codonopsis, Astragalus, and Atractylodes macrocephala.

Step 4 is used to treat cancer. According to recent reports, turmeric injection is used to treat cervical cancer. Inject 10-30 ml of medicinal solution into the lesion every day for about 3 months. The curative effect is good (but invalid in advanced cases). It can also be combined with oral water decoction. Prescription: 9g of zedoary turmeric (made of vinegar), 9g of three-rowed (made of vinegar), fried in three bowls of water to make a bowl, take half a bowl before breakfast and after dinner, or use zedoary volatile oil ointment for topical application. Cancer and skin cancer also have certain effects.

Of course, it also has certain side effects. It has the disadvantages of gas exhaustion and blood injury. The illness will stop. It is not suitable for overdose or long-term use. Menorrhagia and pregnant women should not take it.

“Lei Gong Pao Yao Xing Xie”: “The imaginary is forbidden.”

“Materia Medica”: “Sturdy temperament, it is not suitable for use unless there is a product of stubbornness.”

“Tongkao of Medical Properties”: “It is a medicine for attacking tough problems, it can be used as an assistant, and it cannot be used for a long time.”

“Materia Medica Harmful Benefits”: “Anyone who has a prior period and all blood heat is a disease.”

If you have a heartache, you cannot reconcile your blood and energy, that is, it is caused by the evil guest Zhongjiao. The evil spirit and ghost energy are all caused by the non-reconciliation of the qi, the viscera stagnation, and the yin and yang are obliquely separated. . The luxuriant scent is strong, can adjust the qi and ventilate the pores, while the dwindling benefits will disperse the evil without tolerance, and the meaning of detoxification is also the same. It also treats the accumulation of blood and qi in the woman, and the husband rushes to the dolphins to break the blood into the liver and promote qi. Vinegar milling is often used. “”The Book of Materia Medica”

Peng Shu has a strong smell and strong nature. It specializes in the blood in the air. It has the same function as the three-sided edge, so don’t overdo it. “”Medicine Chemistry”

So after talking so much, do you have a certain understanding of turmeric, turmeric can be drunk soaked in water, but it is necessary to understand the actual physical condition of the individual, and it must not be used blindly to avoid its side effects and affect the normal function of the human body.

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