Which brand of honey grapefruit tea is good for whitening and delicious

Hee hee, under the big noon sun, asked me to accompany her to see the handsome guy in our school, Gu Yangyi, I’m too hot, yelling to go to KFC to buy drinks, hee hee scolded me as a prodigal girl. , KFC’s drinks are so expensive, it’s better to go to the canteen next to the school to buy them, I didn’t agree, she couldn’t help but Dian Dian’er bought me drinks, but after buying it, I knew he had gone anyway. The shop next to the school bought two bottles of iced honey grapefruit tea and told me to whiten and quench his thirst. Uh, okay, I’ll save money for him as a stingy guy, and it turned out to be really delicious, so which honey grapefruit tea? Is the brand good?

Which brand of honey grapefruit tea is good for whitening and delicious

As we all know, natural honey has the effect of moisturizing the intestines. For people who are often constipated and prone to acne, taking honey grapefruit tea can improve these symptoms. Consistently taking honey grapefruit tea for 3 months can achieve the effect of “changing the physique”.

The use of grapefruit to make tea is a habit in ancient my country and other countries, such as Japan and South Korea. Grapefruit has a high nutritional value. It is rich in vitamin C and citron acid. Each 100 grams of grapefruit contains 150 mg of vitamin C, which is 3 times that of lemons and navel oranges. This is why grapefruit is generally believed to be effective in preventing and curing common colds. As we all know, vitamin C has a special effect on common colds and neuralgia. At the same time, hesperidin, which is rich in grapefruit, has an effect similar to vitamin P. It has a significant effect on protecting and strengthening capillaries and preventing cerebral hemorrhage. The golden yellow skin of grapefruit contains carotene, which is the main source of vitamin A. A grapefruit is rich in 1500IU of vitamin A in the form of carotene. In addition, the acidic ingredients of grapefruit make grapefruit taste slightly sour, which is very helpful for eliminating fatigue and promoting digestion and secretion.

Therefore, honey grapefruit tea is actually the best homemade brand. We can make this tea according to our own different tastes. The taste is very in line with our own taste. Honey grapefruit tea is the best homemade brand.

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