Which catechus are suitable for the crowd?

Today we came into contact with a very fresh term, catechu, a term that seems playful and childlike. You can hardly believe that this is the name of a herbal medicine, catechu, the name of Chinese medicine, it is legume catechu, winter Harvest branches and stems, remove the outer skin, chop them into large pieces, add water to decoct, concentrate, and dry them. They are distributed in southern Yunnan and cultivated in Hainan. They have the effects of invigorating blood and relieving pain, stopping bleeding, regenerating muscles, removing dampness, clearing lungs and resolving phlegm. , Used for spitting pain, traumatic bleeding, vomiting, sores, eczema, eczema, pulmonary heat and coughing, so which people are suitable for herbal catechu?

Which catechus are suitable for the crowd?

The suitable people for catechin consumption are tuberculosis and hemoptysis, catechin 1, alum 8 yuan, and a total of research details. 0.1 to 0.2 grams each time, 3 times a day. Moderate hemoptysis (not suitable for large hemoptysis), each serving 0.2 to 0.3 grams, once every 4 hours. Sore, long-lasting mouth, and eczema, catechu, keel 1 cent each, borneol 1 cent, a total of fine powder, apply the affected area. Aphthous erosion: catechu 1 cent, borax 5 cents, grind powder, and apply to the affected area.

Catechu, the materials for treating tonsillitis are catechu, persimmon cream for 3 each, borneol 2 for borneol, 2 for dry alum, grind fine powder together, use glycerin to make a paste, rub the affected area. Catechu, cure aphthous erosion, catechu 1 cent, borax 5 points, grind powder, and apply to the affected area. Elimination of phlegm: catechu, mint leaves, fine tea. It is the last honey pill. Contains three or five capsules after a meal.

Catechu, cure cough, catechu two or two, asarum four money, one pig gallbladder. The first two medicines are researched together, and the bile is taken to refine them. The medicines are made into pills, and each pill weighs one dollar. Four times a day, each pill, fasting. Catechu cures all carbuncle and all kinds of broken sores, catechu, frankincense, and myrrh each have three dollars, borneol one dollar, musk two cents, dragon’s blood three dollars, and drought three seven three dollars. The above is Mosazhi.

The efficacy and role of catechu also includes diuresis, has a good therapeutic effect on ascites due to liver cirrhosis, and can significantly kill cancer cells. Catechu can also kill various microorganisms, have obvious sterilization and inhibition effects on Staphylococcus aureus, typhoid bacillus, etc., and can treat skin infections caused by fungi.

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