What is “mouse shit” Goercha

Do you know “mouse poop”? Did you know that there is another shrub called “rat poop”? This kind of shrub is not only unique in name, but also has high medicinal value. It is gourd tea, which is a kind of A vine-like or climbing shrub, up to 5 meters tall, young branches glabrous, old branches yellowish brown, smooth and glabrous, leaves paper to thick paper, alternate or clustered at the top of short branches, oval-elliptic or ovoid-shaped, 3-6 cm long, 1.6-3.5 cm wide, round or blunt at the top, often with small pointed ends, round or nearly heart-shaped at the base, green on the top, hairless, and off-white on the bottom, born in sunny hillside shrubs or roads By the way, it is mainly distributed in Shaanxi, Hubei, Yunnan, Guangdong, Henan, Hunan and other places. Now, do you know what Gou’er tea is? So, what are its effects?

What is

Gou’er tea has a slightly astringent taste and flat nature. Its main function is to dispel rheumatism, invigorate blood circulation, relieve cough and resolve phlegm, invigorate the spleen and replenish qi. Cure rheumatism and joint pain, low back pain, dysmenorrhea, tuberculosis, scrofula, malnutrition in children, hepatitis, biliary roundworm, snake bite, bruises. Apply appropriate amount to roots and leaves, mash the fresh product and apply it to the affected area or the affected eye.

Gou’ercha belongs to the Rhamnus family, with 22 species, distributed in Asia, Africa and tropical America. About 16 species in my country are produced in the southwest, central and eastern regions. Upright or climbing shrubs; leaves alternate, entire, dorsal veins are obvious; flowers are bisexual or polygamous, clustered or form cymes, arranged in terminal racemes or panicles; calyx, petals and stamens 5; sub The chamber is half hidden in the flower disc, 2 compartments, each with 1 ovule; the fruit is a spherical or oblong drupe, and the base is surrounded by persistent calyx tubes.

Gou’er tea can cure rheumatism and joint pain, low back pain, gou’er tea two to three taels, one stewed pig’s trotters or two eggs; it can also cure tuberculosis cough, internal injury hemoptysis, hepatitis, gou’er tea one or two to two. Decoction in water. Secondly, Gou’ercha can cure biliary roundworms. Gou’ercha two or two, decoction with sugar. Gou’ercha also has a certain effect on bruises, and it can also treat snakebites. Take proper amount of Gou’ercha and rub it outside with wine.

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