Which brand of buckwheat tea is good

Buckwheat is a very nutritious whole grain. Buckwheat tea made from buckwheat is not only fragrant and refreshing, but also very nutritious. There are more and more brands of buckwheat tea on the market. When choosing a buckwheat tea, you will definitely wonder which brand is better?

Practice is the only criterion for testing truth. Everyone and every product has certain limitations and regionality, because people vary from place to place. Good brands are not unique, there are many. The following is a detailed introduction to the main points of the selection of buckwheat tea!

1. Look at the product appearance of tartary buckwheat tea: good tartary buckwheat tea should be yellow-green in appearance, with full particles, uniform size and consistent color, while inferior tartary buckwheat tea is whitish and looks uneven in color. Belongs to inferior product.

2. Smell the scent of tartary buckwheat tea: A good tartary buckwheat tea should use the process itself to bring out the natural buckwheat scent of tartary buckwheat, instead of using other additives and chemical additives to modulate the aroma. Good tartary buckwheat tea is pure buckwheat fragrant without any additives, and it gives off a natural buckwheat flavour when brewed, while cheap tartary buckwheat tea with other types of aroma or peculiar smell is inferior.

3. Brewing time: The persistence of color and fragrance is also the key point. High-quality tartary buckwheat tea is resistant to brewing. The color and fragrance of good tea lasts for about 3-5 brewing times. Among them, the second soak has the strongest fragrance. The inferior tartary buckwheat tea has poor durability, and it is bland and tasteless after one or two brewing.

4. Look at the color and luster of tartary buckwheat tea: After brewing high-quality tartary buckwheat tea with glass of boiling water, you can clearly see that the soup is yellow-green and clear and transparent. If the soup looks pale and turbid, it is a defective product. It is not recommended to buy .

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