Tartary buckwheat tea price

No matter what they buy, consumers like to shop around before buying. Therefore, when buying tartary buckwheat tea, they will first compare the price of tartary buckwheat tea.

The price of tartary buckwheat tea is relatively civilian, generally affected by several aspects, one is the packaging, the other is the net content, the third is the brand, the fourth is the raw material, and the fifth is the technology used.

Tartary buckwheat tea is packaged in cans and bags. Since the cans are not easily crushed during transportation, the gifts are more generous, so the price will be slightly higher.

Different brands of tartary buckwheat tea have different net content. There are 500g, 250g, 200g, and 300g. Naturally, the heavier the tea, the higher the price.

Tartary buckwheat tea is pure natural and non-polluting in the alpine mountains above 2200 meters above sea level in Liangshan. Black tartary buckwheat has the best quality as a raw material, but many brands use this banner, and the fact is that it is not a raw material in Liangshan at all, so when buying Also pay attention.

No matter what brand it is, the price of tartary buckwheat tea is not too expensive. The cheap ones cost 20 to 30 yuan per catty, and the more expensive ones cost hundreds of dollars per catty, which are more cost-effective than some other black teas and green teas.

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