What are the effects of catechin identification

Nowadays, Chinese medicine is widely used in clinical practice. Chinese medicine can be used to treat and treat any disease. However, most doctors still like to use western medicine. This effect will be faster, but there are also harms to the human body. Our country has a very well-deserved reputation for Chinese medicine from ancient times to the present. For example, catechu, which is a relatively common Chinese herbal medicine, can promote blood circulation and relieve pain, clear the lungs and resolve phlegm. It has many uses. For the identification of catechu, what is the effect? Next, I will give you a detailed introduction.

What are the effects of catechin identification

Catechu, the name of the traditional Chinese medicine, is the debarked branch and dried dry decoction of the legume catechu Acacia catechu (Lf) Willci. The branches and dried branches are harvested in winter, the outer skin is removed, cut into large pieces, boiled in water, and concentrated , Dry, deciduous trees, 6 to 13 meters high. The branchlets are thin, with spines, and the leaves are even-numbered bipinnately compound leaves, alternate, racemes are axillary, flowers are yellow or white, bark is brown or gray-brown, often strip-shaped flakes are cracked, do not fall off, and the pods are flat and thin , Purple-brown, shiny, with 7-8 seeds, flowering period from August to September, fruit maturity period from February to March, distributed in southern Yunnan, cultivated in Hainan, used for falling pain, traumatic bleeding, hematemesis Blood, sore is not converging, eczema, eczema, lung heat and cough.

Catechu identification:Properties of medicinal materials, this product is square or irregular block, different in size, the surface is brown or dark brown, smooth and slightly shiny, hard, fragile, irregular in section, shiny, with pores, and damp. Sticky, slightly odor, astringent, bitter, slightly sweeter.

The effects of catechu:Promoting blood circulation and relieving pain, stopping bleeding and promoting muscle growth, reducing dampness and astringing sores, clearing lungs and resolving phlegm, mainly used for falling pain, traumatic bleeding, hematemesis, bleeding, uncontained sores, eczema, eczema, pulmonary heat, cough.

Related compatibility:

1. Heartaches: use yellow rat’s heart, liver, and lungs, dry in the shade, with tile baking as the end, add frankincense, myrrh, baby tea, and dragon’s blood for three points each. For each serving, adjust the shochu and stop immediately. (“Sea Fairy”)

2. The lower part of the chancroid: olive burn preservation, grind the powder, and apply it with oil. Or add baby tea to equal parts. (“Universal Business”)

3. Flowing water from the nose and deep water: the baby’s tea powder, blowing it, good. (“Materia Medica Power”)

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