Weekends | Sleep after eating, get up two bowls of tea

Weekends | Sleep after eating, get up two bowls of tea

I have nothing to do at home on weekends, so I would choose to take a nap in the afternoon and wake up to make a pot of tea.

In the past, reciting Bai Juyi’s poem “Two Bowls of Tea”, I couldn’t experience the kind of artistic conception of the poet.

“Two Bowls of Tea”

After eating and sleeping, get up two bowls of tea.

Looking up at the shadow of the sun, it has been slanted to the southwest.

Happy people cherish the day to promote, worry people tired of credit.

Carefree and unhappy, long and short career.

Really, only when I have feelings in my life, I feel that every sentence hits my heart.

Bai Juyi said that when you are happy, you feel that time is fast, and when you are worried, you live like years.

The carefree and unhappy people can ignore the length of time and let the sun sway, and I drink tea by myself.

Many times, we think that life needs more happiness.

Therefore, I have been busy pursuing happiness.

But Bai Juyi tells us that perhaps what we can enjoy in life is worry-free.

It’s like someone said that happiness was simple when I was young, but simple and happy when I grew up.

On a weekend where you don’t need to count time, eating, eating, sleeping, drinking tea, this may be a simple carefree.

Tea is warm, comfortable, and relaxed.

Sometimes, we will be happy because we drink a good tea.

But more often, I really just want to drink tea.

It doesn’t even matter what kind of tea I drink. I can’t help but make tea to make tea. I think it’s good to just drink tea.

The so-called reading and drinking tea, do not scramble for the day.

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