Life|What are the different sentiments of the six major teas?

Life|What are the different sentiments of the six major teas?

For many people, taste buds are actually an undiscovered emotional space.

And tasting tea can help us travel freely in this space.

Because of different teas, you can experience different sentiments.

There are five flavors of life, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty.

Sweetness symbolizes happiness and love; sourness is a sense of loss.

Salt, which is similar to the taste of sweat and blood, is a sense of labor; while spicy represents a kind of passion in life.

People who like spicy and sweet people have different personalities.

Sweet, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty is an aesthetic world. It is a beautiful homework done from the sense of the body.

Experiencing the five flavors is also a process of continuous learning by the sense of taste.

In life, the best tea emphasizes “sweetness after bitterness”, and the sweetness that comes back after bitterness is really sweet.

In our sense of taste, when we were children, we disliked bitterness the most. We don’t like taking medicine, because medicine is too bitter.

But life needs to learn bitterness. If it’s just a child-like love for sugar, that sweetness is too simple.

After life is overwhelming, the desire for sweetness is a feeling of fulfillment.

To taste different teas is to experience different taste buds and different life experiences.

Green tea mood: fresh and green

Before and after the rain, a spring rain fell on the world, and the fresh spring was all in the green buds; soaking a cup of green tea, you can feel the breath of spring and the charm of nature; the freshness of the taste buds is also a new meaning of life.

Drinking green tea, as if playing with a young girl of seventeen or eighteen years old, graceful posture, soft speech, fresh language, is the fresh green of the early spring, is the life that has just bloomed.

White tea mood: simple and kind

The fresh Baihao Silver Needle is mellow, sweet and refreshing, with a long taste.

The old white tea for more than five years has a delicate aroma, a slight fragrance, and a light medicinal fragrance, a mellow taste, and a sweetness that fills the mouth; it is like the warm love and care brought by a kind grandmother.

Oolong sentiment: changeable and charming

There is no other type of tea that is more emotional than Oolong tea! His attention to every taste is meticulous.

Sip oolong tea and feel the beauty of a different mood.

The rock rhyme of Dahongpao is sweet and smooth, the sweet fragrance of Tieguanyin, the rich fragrance of phoenix narcissus, the rich sweetness of oriental beauty, the fragrance of fruit…

Every taste makes people fascinated, like a different display of an elegant woman, sometimes the queen fan, sometimes the royal sister fan, sometimes small and fresh, sometimes the workplace OL fan, making people intoxicated.

Black tea mood: elegant and noble

Black tea is synonymous with elegance.

Black tea is sweet and refreshing, mellow and healthy. It is a cup of tea with rich connotation and endless aftertaste.

When you calm down and taste the cup of black tea in your hand, you can experience the wonderful taste she brings, appreciate the rich beauty she presents, and enjoy the noble elegance and happiness.

Dark tea sentiment: the age of Chen Xiang

Dark tea moisturizes and wakes up in the changes of the years.

A good Pu-erh tea is a good tea material plus the accumulation of time, and it is a long-lasting fragrance.

If you take a good collection of Pu’er tea and drink it for a few years, you can enjoy the real changes of the years and appreciate the fragrance of the years!

Six major teas have different tastes.

Tasting tea can open up your taste bud space and experience the different sentiments in life.

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