The efficacy and role of protocatechuic acid

I look at the tea gardens, and people’s mood will be very relaxed, because in fact, this is not only the result of the green color, but also the unique tea fragrance in the tea garden; among the many varieties of tea, I love green tea. , The natural nutrients in green tea have special effects on anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, etc., which are unmatched by other teas. Recently, it has been heard that green tea contains catechins, which can inhibit substances that cause arteriosclerosis. What is the effect of catechin? Does green tea contain catechin? Let’s take a look at the efficacy and role of protocatechuic acid.

The efficacy and role of protocatechuic acid

Protocatechuic acid is an organic acid, often called protocatechuic acid. It is a component that can inhibit substances that cause arteriosclerosis. It is more commonly used in middle-aged and elderly people because the degree or probability of arteriosclerosis is relatively high in middle-aged and elderly people. In daily life, many people like to drink green tea. This is a good habit. The appropriate amount of catechin ingested in this way is good for human health. So some people just take catechins, hoping to prevent cancer.

Protocatechin has an inhibitory effect on substances that cause arteriosclerosis and is a “healthy motivation”. There is no problem with drinking tea in daily life, but attention should be paid to the adverse effects caused by excessive catechin. Catechin is predominantly in green tea, and the content in oolong tea and black tea is also relatively abundant. Many green teas contain tea polyphenols. In fact, tea polyphenols are polyphenols of catechins, which have anti-cancer effects. Therefore, the efficacy and effects of catechins can not only inhibit arteriosclerosis, but also prevent cancer. However, excessive amounts of catechin are harmful to the human body, so you should not eat too much.

In addition, those who like to drink Kung Fu tea should also pay attention to it. Kung Fu tea emphasizes the word “hot”. The water used for making tea is boiling water, so you must ensure a certain high temperature when drinking. But the human esophageal mucosa can only tolerate temperatures of 50 ℃-60 ℃, too hot tea is easy to burn the esophageal mucosa, long-term drinking, the damaged mucosa has not been completely repaired and then burned, this process may have gene mutations, leading to cancer. Studies have found that the temperature of drinking tea should not exceed 70°C. If the hot tea is drunk within 2 minutes after being poured out, the risk of esophageal cancer will increase by 5 times compared with waiting 4 minutes before drinking it. Some people think that drinking strong tea is harmful to health, but there is no relevant research to confirm this.

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