What exactly is catechu borneol?

Borneol is a form of medication that has recently developed. It is different from the pills and capsules we usually see. This is also an advancement in modern medicine and is dedicated to the development of drugs that are more suitable for the human digestive system; catechu borneol is At present, one of the more popular forms, even so, because the development is not strong enough, so few people know it; let’s take a look at what is catechu borneol?

What exactly is catechu borneol?

Recipe: 20g catechu, 10g borneol (individually packaged), 10g frankincense, 10g myrrh, 20g alum, 20g nightshade (or Eupatorium) Indications: external use for bruises, water injuries, fire injuries, insect injuries, tongue and tongue Sore, carbuncle, swelling and sore, usage: except for borneol, wrap the above medicine with gauze, boil it in water, add borneol after it is almost done, wash the affected area while it is hot (except for water and burns), and use it repeatedly. The efficacy of the drug catechu: clearing away heat, promoting body fluid, and stopping bleeding. Internal treatment of lung heat, cough, hemoptysis, diarrhea, dyspepsia in children; external treatment of sores, eczema, aphthous, tonsillitis. Borneol: clearing away heat, detoxifying, antiseptic, growing muscle, relieving pain and reducing swelling. It is used for red eyes, swelling and pain, throat numbness and aphthous sores, sores, swelling and pain, and not converging after ulceration.

Treatment frankincense: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic. Indications for promoting blood circulation, promoting qi, clearing menstruation and relieving pain, reducing swelling and promoting muscle. Main abdomen pain, rheumatic arthralgia, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, bruises, bruises, carbuncle swollen toxin, intestinal carbuncle, sore ulcers. Frankincense is spicy, mainly for promoting qi and blood circulation, and mainly for relieving pain and myrrh: promoting blood circulation and relieving pain; reducing swelling and muscle growth. Main chest and abdomen pain, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, bruises, carbuncle swelling sore, intestinal carbuncle, red eyes, swelling and pain. Myrrh and bitter diarrhea, mainly for promoting blood circulation and dispersing blood stasis, better than reducing swelling and alum: eliminating phlegm, drying dampness, stopping diarrhea, stopping bleeding, detoxification, and killing insects. Cure mouth and tongue sores, sores, hemorrhoids, scabies, water, fire, and insect injuries. Yemingsha: clearing away heat, improving eyesight and relieving haze, dissipating blood stasis and removing accumulation of chancre. Zelan: bruises, invigorates blood circulation, removes blood stasis, relieves swelling, detoxification and carbuncle.

It is irregularly lumpy and varies in size. The surface is black or brown, smooth and slightly shiny, sometimes cracks can be seen, brittle, fragile, broken and irregular, brown-red, with pores, and shiny. No gas, astringent taste, bitter first then sweet (Yunnan products: sometimes rough, dull, astringent). It is better to have black, slightly reddish, shiny and not burnt.

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