Is catechu powder ground into catechu?

When it comes to plants with the word tea, we all think of the tea we drink daily. Chinese people like to drink tea very much, and our country has its own traditional tea culture. Drinking tea can not only calm one’s heart, but it is also good for health preservation. Way, but what we are talking about today is not tea, but a medicinal material called catechu; there is a medicinal material with a very similar name to catechu called catechu powder, then is it a powder made of catechu? Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Is catechu powder ground into catechu?

Catechu powder is the powder made by grinding catechu. Catechu is a dry paste made by concentrating the decoction of heartwood fragments of legumes deciduous tree catechu tree. There are wild or cultivated products. It is mainly produced in the Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan, with Menglong producing the largest amount. Imports are in Myanmar and India. It has an irregular block shape and varies in size. The surface is black or brown, smooth and slightly shiny, and sometimes cracks can be seen. It is brittle and fragile, with irregular cross-sections, brownish-red, with pores and luster. No gas, astringent taste, bitter first and sweet later. Catechu, also known as catechu, black catechu, and catechu ointment, has the effect of reducing dampness and regenerating muscles and astringent sores. It is used for clearing heat, promoting body fluid, stopping bleeding, mainly treating lung heat, cough, hemoptysis, diarrhea, dyspepsia in children, and treating sores for a long time with external use. No recovery, skin eczema, mouth sores, tonsillitis and other effects.

Dosage: One to three grams, decocted, more into pills and powder. Appropriate amount for external use. Bone-setting Purple Gold Pill, composition: one or two cloves, one or two woody, one or two dragon’s blood, one or two catechu, one or two cooked rhubarb, one or two safflower, angelica head, lotus meat, white tuckahoe, white peony two each Two, five coins for paeon, three coins for raw licorice. Usage: Co-grind extremely finely, sprinkle on the affected area, or use paper to dip the medicine into the sore, and cover with plaster. Efficacy: Relieve pain and remove blood stasis. Indications: Bleeding, falling, accidental injury, all pains, blood stasis and coagulation. Usage: Three coins per serving, the child will adjust it, yellow wine can also be used. Huafu Shengji San: Composition: frankincense, myrrh, dragon’s blood each two money, 37 one money, a little borneol, a little musk. For those who want to raise pus, add dry alum and keel, and for those who want to grow muscle, add pearls and ginseng. Efficacy: Resolve rot and remove blood stasis. Indications: Knife wounds fester.

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