Can pregnant women in five weeks of pregnancy eat catechu?

Speaking of curing diseases, we generally admire Western medicine in modern times, because Western medicine has quick results, but Chinese medicine is still the fundamental cure for illnesses. Speaking of catechu, it is estimated that many people are unfamiliar with it. In fact, catechu is a relatively common Chinese medicine in Chinese medicine. Its main functions are many. For example, catechu has the effect of clearing heat and promoting fluid. Sometimes It can also be used externally, it can relieve pain and stop bleeding. It is usually used to treat stomatitis, rhinitis and other diseases. Can pregnant women who are five weeks pregnant take catechu?

Can pregnant women in five weeks of pregnancy eat catechu?

Catechus are irregular lumps and vary in size. The surface is black or brown, smooth and slightly shiny, sometimes cracks can be seen, brittle, fragile, broken and irregular, brown-red, with pores, and shiny. No gas, astringent taste, bitter first then sweet (Yunnan products: sometimes rough, dull, astringent). It is better to have black, slightly reddish, shiny and not burnt.

General anti-inflammatory drugs have little effect on the development of the normal body organs of the fetus. However, some antiviral drugs should be avoided, because antiviral drugs can easily cause developmental malformations of fetal organs, so you should avoid taking or contacting drugs. Catechu is forbidden during pregnancy, because it may cause fetal development failure after taking it.

1 Tuberculosis and hemoptysis: 1 tael of catechu, 8 yuan of alum, total research details. 0.1 ~ 0.2 grams each time, 3 times a day. Moderate hemoptysis (not suitable for large hemoptysis), each serving 0.2 ~ 0.3 grams, once every 4 hours.

2 Sores and ulcers have not been closed for a long time, eczema: catechu, keel each 1 cent, borneol 1 point, grind fine powder together, and apply the affected area.

3 aphthous erosion: catechu 1 cent, borax 5 minutes, grind powder, and apply to the affected area.

4. Tonsillitis: catechu, persimmon cream for 3 cents, borneol 2 cents, dry alum 2 cents, grind fine powder together, use glycerin to make a paste, rub the affected area.

5 Cervical erosion: catechu, patina, frankincense, and myrrh each 5 dollars, light powder 2 dollars, Huang Dan 3 dollars, borneol 1 money, a total of fine powder, mixed with liquid paraffin to make an ointment. Wipe off the secretions with a sterile dry cotton ball, apply the ointment to the affected area with a threaded cotton ball, and pull it out after 6 hours, once a day.

The above article gives some introduction to whether pregnant women can eat catechu, I hope it will help everyone.

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