What are the effects and functions of Uncaria tea

Uncaria tea has very large leaves. It is usually used to soak water and drink as a kind of tea. However, many people think that babies can drink this kind of tea. In fact, this kind of tea is a kind of Chinese medicine. It can be drunk. The use of Uncaria tea is to calm the wind and calm the fire. As the Compendium of Materia Medica says: Convulsion and drowsiness are all diseases of liver and wind and fire. Uncaria tunica is enveloping the liver tree, and the wind is calm and the fire is extinguished. All diseases will be eliminated.” What are the effects and functions of Uncaria tea?

What are the effects and functions of Uncaria tea

The functional role of Uncaria tea: The chemical composition of its decoction mainly contains rhynchophylline and isorhynchophylline in modern medical research. Clinically, Uncaria is widely used in headaches, dizziness, colds, convulsions, convulsions, pregnancy eclampsia, hypertension and other diseases. The main medicines in Uncaria tea are mostly medicines such as clearing away heat, tonic, dispelling wind, and strengthening the spleen and stomach. The medicine is relatively mild, and the general medicine staff grasps the medicine in a light amount, so it is relatively safe. The health function of Uncaria mainly lies in lowering blood pressure and preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease. It is a good drink for the elderly to prolong life. The development of Uncaria beverage will be an important development direction of Uncaria, which is suitable for the health needs of the elderly. Healthy drinks.

Nutritional analysis of Uncaria: Xifeng stops spasm. Treatment of convulsions and convulsions caused by the heat of the liver meridian and internal movement of the liver wind. Clear heat and calm the liver. This product can treat headaches, red eyes, dizziness and other symptoms caused by hyperactivity of the liver yang in addition to wind-heat, clearing the head, and calming the liver-yang. It can also be used for headaches caused by exogenous wind-heat. This product is sweet and cool in nature, mainly enters the liver meridian, has the function of clearing liver heat, calming liver yang, and alleviating liver wind. It is an important medicine for promoting liver yang and wind movement.

Infant use attention: the baby’s swallowing function is perfect at birth, it is very beneficial to “open the mouth” as soon as possible to regularize the baby’s diet. However, due to the low pressure of the lower esophageal sphincter at the “entrance” of the stomach in children, and the well-developed pyloric sphincter at the “outlet” of the stomach, milk overflow and vomiting are prone to occur, especially in premature babies. Therefore, special attention should be paid when feeding. Premature infants generally do not recommend taking Uncaria tea. It can be taken when the weight is close to full-term infants. The activity of glucuronyltransferase in neonates is low, especially in premature infants, which is the main cause of physiological jaundice in neonates.

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