Can the traditional Chinese medicine Tribulus terrestris be soaked in water?

Tribulus terrestris, you may have rarely heard of it. It has other names, such as Tribulus terrestris, Stir-fried Tribulus terrestris and Salt Tribulus terrestris. It tastes bitter and pungent and has many uses. It can be used to calm the liver and relieve depression and dispel wind. Eyes, it has good effects on liver yang, dizziness, headache, liver depression, hypochondriac pain, and skin pruritus. You may not have seen this medicinal material, but its effect is so amazing that we can’t help but want to understand it, then Chinese medicine Can Tribulus be soaked in water? Let’s talk about it below.

Can the traditional Chinese medicine Tribulus terrestris be soaked in water?


6-9 grams.

side effect

1. Oral administration of Tribulus terrestris can cause scarlet fever-like drug eruption. There was one case of vitiligo patients. After taking Tribulus terrestris for 2 yuan, one hour later, I felt a tingling sensation on the skin all over the body, followed by

Existing needles have a large red rash, which fades from pressure, followed by general flushing of the skin. The next morning I feel a little brisk, and then take another 2 yuan. A few minutes later, the above symptoms rapidly aggravated, and there was skin itching, and anxiety. Stop the medication immediately, drink plenty of water, and give anti-allergic treatment to heal.

2. Those who grow in Africa are toxic to sheep.


Those who are weak in blood are not allowed to take it.

Clinical application

1. Low back pain. Pound the tribulus seeds into the powder, add honey to make balls, as big as red beans, take two pills for each serving, and give away the wine. Take it three times a day.

2. The whole body is swollen. Have Du Tribulus decoction and wash daily.

3. Stool wind constipation. Use tribulus seeds (stir-fried) one or two, pig tooth acacia (peeled, crisped) five dollars, and research together to finish. For each serving, the efficacy and effect of salt tea soup is given.

4. Irregular menstruation. There are Du Tribulus Terrestris and Angelica sinensis, which are equally divided into the end. For each serving three dollars, the rice soup will be given away.

5. Difficult delivery (the fetus is in the abdomen, and the clothes do not fall; or the fetus is dead). Use tribulus seeds and fritillaria four or two each for the final study, and the rice soup will take three dollars. If the problem persists after a while, you can take the medicine again.

6. Ascariasis. Use the tribulus seeds collected in early autumn and store in the shade. Take one spoonful per serving, three times a day.

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