Side effects of soaking in water

In today’s society, Chinese medicine occupies half of the medical profession. There are many types of Chinese medicines and their therapeutic effects are remarkable. Moreover, the side effects are not as great as those of western medicine. Let’s take a look at Zibei Te, Zibei Te, also called Zibei, Wenbei, purple beetle, and purple beetle are the shells of baby animals such as Arvin scorpion, lynx eye baby, tabby baby, etc. The purple beetle has the effect of calming the nerves, calming the liver and improving the eyesight, and the purple beetling can treat children with high fever and convulsion , Dizziness, swelling and pain in the eyes. People who have no heat should not use Zibei teeth. So what are the side effects of Zibei teeth soaking in water?

Side effects of soaking in water

It can calm the nerves, clear the liver and improve eyesight. Used for palpitations, upset, sleeplessness, rashes in children, and clouded eyes. Application, dizziness, headache, vitality of yang or liver and kidney yin deficiency, yin is not yang, liver yang, wind and yang rising, upper disturbance clearing, dizziness, headache and fullness, dizziness and headache aggravated after fatigue or irritation, flushed eyes , Impatient and irritable, etc. Purple shell tooth Xianping, enters the liver meridian, has the power of calming the liver and suppressing the yang. It is suitable for this purpose. It can often be shared with Uncaria, Gastrodia, and Cassia cassia.

Zibei tooth promotes qi and blood circulation, and mainly treats flash back pain: pearl 2g, purple shell tooth 3g, net borax 9g, borneol 1g. First, the first two drugs are extremely fine powder. Then grind well with the last two medicines and store them. During the treatment, take a section of rush grass, cut one end, dipped in a little damp and cold water, and apply the listed medicine powder to the patient’s eyes, and make the eyes closed to tears. The patient stands up, steps, and bends for 3-5 times. When the eyes are spotted, the right eye is spotted for a sprain on the left side of the waist, and the left eye is spotted for a sprain on the right side of the waist.

The contraindications of soaking in water for Zibei tooth are not suitable for those without fever, liver failure, Qi stagnation and fire, or liver yang disturbs the mind. If you see symptoms such as upset, palpitations and dreams, dizziness, tinnitus, etc. Zibei tooth clears the heart, calms the liver, calms the nerves and calms the nerves, and is good at treating the symptoms of panic and insomnia. It is often used with jujube seeds and keel to nourish yin and yang, nourish the heart and calm the nerves.

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