The taboos of apocynum venetum as tea

The name of Apocynum venetum, which sounds like silk and satin, is indeed not cloth, but a kind of tea or medicine, so it is often shrunken and curled, and some are broken. The complete leaves are flattened and become oval-lanceolate or lanceolate. Oval-lanceolate, light green or gray-green, blunt apex, with small awn tips, blunt or wedge-shaped base, with fine teeth on the edge, often recurved, glabrous on both sides, leaf veins protruding from the lower surface, petiole thin, qualitative It is crisp, slightly odorous and light in taste. Apocynum venetum tea can be drunk after being brewed with boiling water in a teacup. What are the effects and contraindications of apocynum venetum leaf tea?

The taboos of apocynum venetum as tea

It is very appropriate to use apocynum venetinum according to the compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine. But it must not be used as a health food or even ordinary tea to drink frequently in water. Its damage to the human body is mainly manifested in the damage to the liver and kidney, which is the same as the damage to the liver and kidney caused by long-term antibiotic injection. Moreover, this damage is irreversible. Especially for the kidneys, if apocynum venetum is used as ordinary tea to drink in water for a long time, it will cause kidney failure and uremia.

Apocynum venetum tea brewing method Take appropriate amount of Xinjiang Apocynum venetum tea into a teacup and brew with boiling water to drink. It should be noted that it must be brewed with boiling water, because the growth environment of Xinjiang Apocynum venetum is the Lop Nur wasteland, and It is arid and hot, and the surface temperature can reach 80°C when the surface temperature is high. In the hot and dry summer, the leaves of Apocynum venetum in Xinjiang did not wither, nor did they see the phenomenon of withering and withering. The Xinjiang Apocynum venetum leaves growing in this harsh natural environment has a tight and tight epidermal structure. Although scientific processing has been carried out in the process of making tea, it is still unable to make the effective ingredients precipitate well in the boiling water.

Apocynum tea is very resistant to brewing. It can be brewed 3-5 times. After it is colorless and tasteless, replace it with a new tea to avoid unnecessary waste. Patients with high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia must have a daily dosage of 15 grams or more, and the daily health care dosage is not limited. For patients with heart disease or poor physique and the elderly, half a pack per day for the first week; 1 pack per day for the second week; two packs per day for the third week. Drink a small amount for half an hour after a meal every day.

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